Mums Should Have Hobbies

I found an old sudoku book and sat down to do some of the puzzles! By the time I was done solving a few, I felt refreshed and like I had just taken a true holiday (mental holiday – not holiday that involves taking a trip). It was nice to be reacquainted with my ex-hobby before the blessing of being a ‘MUM” happened  🙂 

mum hobbyIf you are a Mum can you ask yourself when was the last time you took time for yourself and did something you totally enjoyed? without guilt? without watching the time? without thinking about school runs? without rushing home?

Mums are very busy nowadays, we’re more stressed than ever before and more in need of lifestyle choices that help us be happier and live a more balanced life. There are many things competing for your attention and time. One way to manage it all and have some ‘ME” time might just be pursuing a hobby. A hobby is that activity that you engage in that pleases you and you likely do in your leisure time. Having a hobby is like having an appointment with oneself, with no outer disturbance whatsoever

You might think where is the time? You will have to be creative and determined to make the time for it. There are a few reasons why a hobby is a great idea, even for a busy Mum.

Having a hobby relieves stress and tension

Spending time on a hobby replaces your thoughts with positive thoughts and feelings. Having a hobby or creative outlet can lift your spirits faster than many other things can.

Unlike passive activities like television viewing, a hobby provides intellectual stimulation while simultaneously relaxing you. A hobby can have a very calming effect on you because it means you are taking the time to create an oasis for yourself and remember to be you.

Hobbies help you parent better

We are so good at signing our children up for lessons and classes and encouraging them to have hobbies, paying for these classes and driving them to and fro! But we forget that we also need to learn new things and grow as people. Hobbies are a way to do that for yourself, everyone should be making themselves better.

A hobby can help you maintain your separate identity as a real person and not just as Mum. This models healthy habits and boundaries for the children, they should not feel your only job is to be their Mum. It is healthy for them to see you as their Mum who also has her life and interests.

Hobbies provide a refreshing change from your daily routine

If you’re a stay at home Mum, you may be frustrated because at the end of the day you can hardly point to anything you’ve “done” for yourself. This is because of the repetitive nature of housework and childcare. If you are a working mum you also feel like you are stuck in the rat race – work, traffic, homework, meals, laundry the list goes on and on.

Why not carve out some time to pursue your hobby? Don’t let a shortage of time stop you. Rearrange your schedule and put YOU back in it, and start carving out time for yourself. Start with one thing you can reduce to create more time for yourself, for example decide to stop cleaning the house at 9pm and engage in your hobby.

If you are starting from base zero you can start by figuring out what your interests were or are. Start with a list and note somethings you think you would enjoy doing, then start going through the list till something jumps out at you that you would like to do.

I know a mum who decided rather than just sit idle while her child took piano lessons, she would sign up for lessons as well and she is having a great time learning to play the piano. In addition to the sense of entitlement of doing something just for herself it has added to her self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. Who doesn’t like being applauded after a recital.

Remember if you choose it right, a hobby is all yours. It is not tied to work, which you will retire from, nor children, who will grow up and leave home.

So start a Hobby Today!

photo source: madamnoire
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