Bola Tinubu’s New Book, ‘Bisi is The Boss’ Tackles Child Sexual Education

With the publication of her new children’s book(Bisi is the Boss), Mrs Bola Tinubu provides an interesting take on child sexual education through an interactive and exciting storyline packed with fun trivia, colourful characters and valuable lessons.

In a society that has an alarming rate of Child Sexual Violence, the book raises important issues on Child Abuse and how best to handle it and protect children from sexual predators. It also provides parents with a fun yet educative way to navigate delicate topics regarding private body parts, establish boundaries and speak up in the case of abuse.

Bisi is the boss

A report published by UNICEF states that one in four girls and 10 per cent of boys in Nigeria are victims of sexual violence, and of the children who reported violence, fewer than five out of 100 received any form of support.

Being a highly invested advocate for Children’s rights and a mother, Bola Tinubu established the Cece Yara Non-profit organisation in 2016 armed with a multi-disciplinary team of counsellors, social workers, child advocates, lawyers and forensic interviewers to prevent child sexual abuse and to provide access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention for children who have experienced sexual abuse or who are at risk.

Bisi Is The Boss is a book about child safety and protection.  It empowers children and their caregivers by teaching children about how to recognize boundaries, how to react, who their trusted adults are, and how to get help.  Empowering children is a great step towards breaking the cycle of child sexual abuse, and my aim is to get this book into the hands of every Nigerian child no matter what their circumstances are.” – Mrs Bola Tinubu

Bisi Is The Boss amounts to an all-encompassing read not only simplifying the difficult subject of abuse but also providing a bonding platform between guardians and the children in their care.

The storyline follows Bisi, a well-informed little girl who teaches young children how to identify inappropriate behaviours and create body boundaries through this important book.

Bisi is Boss is now available in eBook and Print on Amazon and Konga.

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Bisi is the boss
Bola Tinubu- Author of Bisi is the Boss

About the author: Bola Tinubu is a seasoned Corporate Lawyer with 25 years in practice and a Children’s rights advocate who founded Nigeria’s first free child helpline. The Author is a Chartered Director, a Chartered Governance Professional, and a Chartered Secretary. She is also a Fellow of The Chartered Governance Institute, U.K., and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, U.K. Some of her achievements include being a Mother, One of BBC 100 inspiring and Influential women in 2018 and she was named as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women in 2019 by Leading Ladies Africa.

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