What is the State of Our Children’s Well-Being

We cannot overemphasize the importance of understanding our children’s well-being as parents, guardians, and caregivers. All children need to be happy about how their lives are going. Children need shelter, food, and love to be happy and healthy, but there is more to consider.

our children's well-being

The state of a child’s well-being is greatly affected by himself or herself, the people they interact with; like family and community. Thus, we will be looking at factors in society that affect the state of our children’s well-being.

Economic Factors

Growing up in poverty results in a negative impact on the state of a child’s well-being, especially healthwise.  The state of the economy of the world, Nigeria to be specific, does not favor the majority of her citizens; causing most households not to meet the standard cost of living.

economic factor

Parents that fall into this bracket find it difficult to meet the needs of their children, this in turn negatively affects our childrens’ well-being. Resulting in stunted growth in wellbeing and health of children. As a community and society, we will do well to cater to the economic needs of families that are in need; in form of donations and the creation of awareness on the well-being of children in poor backgrounds.

Education Factors

Education has probably the biggest impact on the state of our children’s well-being. An adequate learning environment at the early life of a child is an important factor; as it lays the foundation for secondary and tertiary education in a child’s progress to successful adult life.


As due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have been closed all over the country, causing a pause in the academic progression of children. This will affect children when they go back to school eventually, as most did not go through any form of homeschooling at this time, and; with no avenue in place by some parents and schools to allow children to grow academically at home.

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Mental Factors

The mental and emotional well-being of children is just as important as their physical well-being. Having good mental health helps children develop and cope with life as they grow older. It is shown in a survey, that mental health problems affect one in ten children, including depression, anxiety, and disorders; and there is no intervention in up to 70% of these cases.

depressed child


As a family and a society, we must create awareness towards this; as mental health is a serious matter especially in children. We must also make children with these cases feel loved, valued, and safe in our society to a better future.

Health Factors

This factor focuses majorly on the physical growth of our children. Good nutrition which includes a balanced diet and adequate healthcare are both important. These play a big part in the state of our children’s wellbeing; and will also better prepare them for adulthood.

child wearing face mask

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we as parents must keep ourselves and our children safe by; following the rules and guidelines to quell the effects of this pandemic on our health and that of society.

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