Your Role as a Parent

 Your Role as a Parent

Contributed by Janet Adetu

Following Parenting Etiquette series I, I thought I should share my ideas of what I feel your role as a parent entails. This list is not endless but is a guideline that requires a lot of thought.


  • Impart good values
  • Leave a good legacy
  • Teach life expectations
  • Acknowledge life‟s challenges and tasks
  • Emphasize responsibility and good judgement
  • Show love and respect
  • Determine acceptable virtues and belief systems
  • Aspire for greatness and success
  • Show leadership traits of perseverance and confidence
  • Be a great role model
  • Portray good behaviour and impeccable manners (Remember your child is constantly watching and mirroring you.)


Your role as a parent

Don‟t forget you made that choice to be a parent by accepting your child into the world, giving your child a name and smothering him or her with that initial love. It goes without saying that you cannot parent your child as a toddler forever.

Of course the demand of today‟s 21st Century requires you to be technically updated as the children with this mass entertainment and social media are heavily exposed. The implication is that it has become even more brain tasking and challenging to raise young youths, teens and adolescents.

Your life comes in phases and your role as a parent also evolves, the hardest I would say is being a teenager’s parent and even more the parent of a young adult. Good luck once again on your journey of parenthood.

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