Pictures from LagosMums Mums Day Out to Celebrate Mothers Day

Tewa and Yetty LagosMums

Mums get no days off and there is no vacation time. The LagosMums Mums Day out to celebrate Mothers and Mothers Day day held on Saturday, March 30th, 2019. As a mum, you are on duty 24/7 all day, every day.

The Mums who joined us for the 3rd edition of our Mums Day out agree that we need to be more intentional when it comes to relaxing and taking care of our well being. Mums got to relax, hang out, get pampered and make some new mum friends.

When we asked our mums when was the last time they took some time out for themselves? Most of them could not remember when! We celebrated our Dads, some LagosDads surprised their wives with tickets to the Mums Day Out. They said “My wife needs to relax and have some time to herself” #HusbandGoals

We all agreed that taking time for yourself and prioritizing self-care should not make you feel guilty. Our children would prefer a happy mum than a perfect mum!

This edition fo the Mums Day out was a collaboration between LagosMums and Exquisite Magazine. We were hosted by Oriki Group in their new location at Oriental Hotel Lekki; their space is really a perfect space to melt away some stress. Our sponsors included Kellogg Nigeria, drinks by LmvDrinksncocktails and food by Saheeto. Thank you to our sponsors, we appreciate it!


Mums Day Out Celebrating Mothers Day @orikiGroup

Happy Mums

Happy Mums after their pampering session.





Sponsor Kellogg Nigeria – Yummy Cereal

Drinks by @Lmvdrinksncocktails 

lmvdrinksncocktails lagosmums mums day out



saheeto chops LagosMums

Food by @SaheetoChops

Tewa Onasanya and Yetty Williams LagosMums

Tewa Onasanya and Yetty Williams

LagosMums Mums Day Out Oriki Spa

This is what relaxation looks like @LagosMums

Join us for the next edition of Mums Day Out! But do not wait till then mums. Take time for yourself every day, self-care is not selfish it is necessary.

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