Ways to Promote Creativity in Children from The Headies

The 14th edition of the popular Nigerian Music Award show, The Headies, was held on the 21st of February 2021; to celebrate top-performing artists of the previous year. LagosMums is using this as an avenue to show that creativity is still alive and well; and that we can promote this creativity in our children.

Some parents tend to be discouraging when their children show interest at an early age in things outside of school education; in this case music. Parents should be there to help children embrace their interests; grow their creativity so they can be successful adults.


From the headies, a lot of young talents were recognized for their creativity and hard work; some of which include a Gen Z Stanley Omah, popularly known as Omah Lay who won the next rated artiste; and Adedamola Adefolahan, known as Fireboy DML, who won the best POP album. These young talents got to this height of recognition one way or another from encouragement at home; which made it possible for them to be the best among others.

Here are ways parents can encourage creativity in children

Encourage them to ask Questions

Every child is naturally curious about everything around them, and their curiosity makes them open to asking questions. No question from a child should be regarded as stupid, and parents should encourage them; by giving positive responses to their questions, which could not surprisingly make them more curious. Feed their curiosity and that way give them the knowledge of things around them, making them creative.

Engage them with Activities


Keeping your children occupied with relevant things can help spark their creative side. These activities will prompt them to learn new things and open their imaginative thinking. Activities that will reduce their phone screentime are a good way to go; handing them creative learning tools which will help them develop skills that are relevant to them.

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Create a Reading Habit

Encouraging your child to read is another way to grow their creativity. Reading for the fun of it at first then graduate to giving them educational books; that will impact their creative attitude. Create the time for them by limiting their screentime and making a schedule for them to follow, probably on the weekends.

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Allow Free-time

are we facing a boy crisis Giving your children the time and space to express themselves often will promote their creativity. Giving them a couple of hours of free time to roam around and do their own thing will spark their imaginations. From this, we as parents can monitor the things they like to do and know the kind of activities that appeases to them

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