Testimonial From A #Mum Who Uses VerifyMe Nigeria

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Testimonial From A #Mum Who Uses VerifyMe Nigeria

“As a mother of 3 kids, usually alone at home with the kids due to my husband’s busy schedule, I eagerly searched for a nanny. A young girl was brought to me by one of my friends. My friend spoke highly of her, gullible me, I took the recommendations hook, line and sinker. The girl resumed, I assumed my burden would be lifted. I noticed my last born (2 years) started crying more than usual. Instincts took over, my mother bear senses kicked in. I observed for a few days and knew something was off about the girl.

Called my friend who referred her to inquire some more about the girl, alas, my friend had no strong idea who she was. Here I am panicking, my husband must not know I left the kids with a stranger. I googled for background check companies and VerifyMe Nigeria popped up. Apparently, from the employment history reporting verification, this young lady had a report about her from a previous employer, she abandoned the kids and fled where she was before, all the way to Lagos! After robbing the woman blind. Imagine the shock on her face when I challenged her with these facts! Immediately, I sent her packing. Presently, I am balancing the responsibilities by myself, but thanks to VerifyMe, I still have a home!”

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