recipe mashed dodo food for kids

Recipe – How to Make Mashed Dodo

Almost everyone loves fried plantains also known popularly as Dodo. Our mashed dodo recipe this week is a different way to enjoy your plantain. Kids love to be surprised when it comes to their foods, and dodo is no different.

This is one dish I loved eating as a child; especially because I do not like eating fried soft plantain which is really the overripe plantains. This is one dish I have continued to eat as an adult and the children also love it.

Try this recipe which is a twist on the regular dodo, it is also an easy way to use very ripe plantain.

recipe mashed dodo food for kids

Overripe plantains

Cooking oil


Maggi Seasoning

Cup of Garri

Pre-prepared stew


Cut up your plantains and season lightly with salt or Maggi seasoning

Heat up the oil

Fry the plantains till brown

Transfer the fried plantains; now dodo; into a pot

Add some stew (perfect for using leftover stew)

Sprinkle some garri on top and use a wooden spoon to mash and stir

You might stir a few times by adding more stew and more garri till you get the consistency you want.

Serve with your choice of protein or eat alone

Nutritional Facts about Plantain

Plantains offer a rich source of fibre, vitamins A, C, and B-6, and the minerals magnesium and potassium. Plantains contain a good amount of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C in a single cup. As a result of the high fibre content, consuming Plantain can greatly help in preventing constipation. In addition, vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps your immune system to function properly. Vitamin A has a great role in enhancing the growth of the cell and improves the health of the skin.

In addition to being tasty plantains and this meal of mashed dodo has multiple nutritional benefits. As part of the food for kids recipes powered by Maggi, we are bringing you meals that deal with hidden hunger and ensure that our children eat foods with the nutrients and benefits for optimal health.

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