How To Protect Your Kids During Harmattan

The harmattan obviously played a fast one on us this year. We were already fully kitted for it, then it suddenly disappeared leaving behind very hot weather. Well maybe only in Lagos because most states across the country, especially in the northern region are still experiencing extreme harmattan. However, no matter the changes in the weather conditions, we should always ensure that our general health and skin is protected and cared for.

This season and weather can be very deceptive. One minute, it is very hot and the next minute, it is cold; or the sun is shining, yet there is a chill in the air and the next moment extreme heat! Parents, therefore. need a lot of wisdom when it comes to taking care of their children during this season.

Weather condition

Children are more susceptible to temperature extremes and their health effects. Children are less able to regulate their body temperature compared with adults. As a result, children are more likely to develop health issues when they are exposed to temperature extremes.

During the harmattan season, we must be mindful of the type of skincare products we use on our children. Making sure that your child doesn’t just feel healthy but also look healthy becomes a top priority.

Here is one product we will highly recommend for your Child’s tender skin and hair:


This purely natural and organic product improves the total appearance of your child’s skin, revealing that much-desired glow. It helps them gain confidence in their natural skin early enough and it becomes an integral part of their lifestyle as they grow older.

For Healthy Skin

1. Bath baby with warm water with Avila baby herbal soap or body wash.

2. Pat Baby’s skin with a towel but do not rub dry, apply baby body butter or moisturizer immediately on slightly wet skin. (You can mix the baby oil in the body butter or body Moisturizer).

3. For children with skin irritation; use Avila Baby Natural remedy. It clears skin irritation and rashes from your child’s skin.

For Healthy Hair

1. Wash Hair with Avila shampoo.

2. Apply Detangler from roots to ends to prevent breakage.

3. Mix the baby castor hair butter and hair tonic, massage on the hair regularly for hair growth. (Each product in the set costs NGN 1,500)

The focus of Avila Naturalle Brand is to encourage the use of natural remedies and essential oils for Skin and Hair Care. Avila has become one of the largest companies in Africa with over 90 (Ninety) essential oil products for both adults and children.

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Avila Naturalle
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Now, back to protecting your children during the harmattan season; and the extreme heat.

It is a known fact that during this period, several health issues in children might occur, the most common of which is dehydration.

Children can develop faintness, extreme tiredness, headache, fever coupled with intense thirst.

There are several steps you can take to beat the heat and protect your child from these health issues:

1. Stay in a well ventilated or air-conditioned space. You can also get fans that have a mist to stay cool.

2. Hydrate Regularly. Encourage your children to drink water regularly and have it readily available, even before they ask for it.  See Signs of Dehydration in Infants and Children.

3. Dress lightly. Dress your children in clothing that is light-coloured, lightweight, and limited to one layer of absorbent material that will maximize the evaporation of sweat.

4. Plan for extra rest time. Heat can often make children and adults feel tired. Always take out time to rest.

5. Cool off. When your child is feeling hot, give them a cool bath or water mist to cool down. Swimming is another great way to cool off while staying active.

Also, make sure to talk to your child’s teacher, camp coach or child care provider about protecting your children throughout the day, especially during outdoor play.

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