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Why All The Scanty Dressing In The Olympics

DALM| Why all the scanty dressing in the Olympics?

The 2016 Olympics holding in Brazil is ongoing and most people are watching it in their homes or catching the highlights on You Tube. I have always loved watching olympics from childhood and have carried on the tradition with my children. Evenings these days will find us together watching some of the games.

The kids love watching gymnastics, rowing and swimming with some of their favourites athletes are Simone Biles and Michael Phelps. My daughter even gives us commentary and feedback on the participants’ performance.

Who Cares?

There are things that only become important when you have children and are mindful about what they are watching and being exposed to. We all noted Doaa Elghobashy and her partner Nada Meawad making history as they played in the Copacabana beach court as Egypt’s first ever Olympic team to compete in a beach volleyball tournament. It also made news because they proudly wore their hijabs as they played, in stark contrast to their more scantily clad participants.

Volleyball Olympics

Being dressed modestly and covered up does not change their ability to play nor dampen their energy for the sport as seen in this picture below.


They were able to play in their hijabs because of the new rules by the International Volleyball Federation, who relaxed the rule of bikinis for women and boardshorts for men. This rule was put in place just before the London Olympics to allow full sleeves and trousers.

While watching Simone Biles perform in gymnastics, we noted the clothes the females wore and commented about how tight and uncomfortable the costumes look. Could there be a reason why they are dressed as such, does it enable them to compete better? In gymnastics, while the women wear their leotards their male counterparts wear loose shorts to compete.

simone biles

We are thrilled that Simone Biles won the gold medal in the Women’s team and Individual all-round. Will there be a change in the rules of what the gymnasts wear to compete? Afterall male gymnasts are pretty much without all the adornment and tight costumes.

Congratulations Simone Biles! Love from Nigeria 🙂 


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