Situational Tuesday: 5 Year Old Applies For Summer Job

Coming out of the bathroom, drying her hair, Tundun wasn’t expecting to see anyone waiting for her by the door, her husband was out of the country. But Lo, and behold, her two adorable “Rugrats”, were standing by the door waiting for her early in the morning.

child letter 2.

Well, well…to what do I owe this early morning visit?

Mum, we have been thinking, Looking down and putting his hand to his chinthat since there is no Summer Camp to Holland this year, I and Toun, he points at his sister, who was standing by like a Soldier.. (she folds her arms, to listen to what they are about to drop on her, this should be interesting, she thought). We have decided that we would like to work at uncle Duro’s company instead. Here is our application. They handed two folded notes to her, and walked away. Amazed, she held the letters in front of her and she watched their backs as they walked away. Abi are these not the same Children she would pamper and beg just to wash their socks? She spoke aloud, she must be dreaming thought. She sat down to read the notes or should she say job application.

She started with her 5 year old sons’ note;

Dear Uncle,

Thank you for the gift you sent to us last time. I loved it so much, but Toun did not like it becauz she is a girl.

I am writing you becauz I would like to work in your company for summer.

I can do any work you give to me, becauz I am strong and healthy. Mum gives me food every day.

If you don’t mind I would like for my salary to be from 25,000 Naira. I want to give my mummy money just like I see daddy give her. And the rest, I want to use to save for summer next year, so that mummy and daddy would not say there is no money again.

Thank you.

It is me – Dayo 

She wipes tears, and wondered if anyone had helped him in writing the letter, or was it all his handiwork. She thought he is only 5 and he already knows how take care of his mummy? As she proceeds to open her daughters letter she wondered what was in stock for her there! Heaven has blessed her this morning She thought. What a great start to her day.

Children are never too young to learn to be responsible.

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