Situational Tuesday: Is Exclusive Breastfeeding Old School?

I Heard that cry, it seemed faraway, but somehow it sounded familiar, oh but I just wanted to sleep, sleep and just sleep, I wasn’t awake, but I know that i was grumbling in my sleep. Rolling over on the bed, I suddenly realized whose cry it is. Its my baby! my son, something warmed up in my heart. Snapping out of sleep, I could see that my husband was already by my side with him.

Honey, I think he is hungry again, He said as he gently handed him over to me, in between trying to untangle that blanket he has used to cover him and trying to bring attention to what time it is – time to breastfeed. I looked at my husband and we both laughed. It’s been four days since our bundle of happiness arrived, and he has certainly shown everyone that he is here! When he wants something it is like he wants it like yesterday! Ha Omo ti jo baba e, O feran ounje sha (This boy has taken after his father, he likes food so much).

exclusive Breastfeeding

“My mother said she’s coming here soon”. He mentioned. I looked up with eyes wide open and asked “your Mum is in around”? I asked alarmed. “Yes she called while you were asleep that she had arrived in Lagos and that she wasn’t wasting another second before meeting her grandson”.

I love my Mother-In-Law, but we do not agree on some issues, the issue of exclusive breastfeeding being one of them. Her idea of a model breastfed child is her son. According to her he was breastfed for 2 years, and for the first six months he had only breast milk. In my mind I exclaimed! Emi ati won ko (It is not me and her). Yes this is my first child, but it doesn’t mean am totally clueless as to what I want to do.

According to her, her grandson must be fed exclusive breast milk for the first six months. I mean isn’t that just a little bit too much? Thinking of it now and I am saying again – no way am I doing that, I have work and a social life as well.

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As a good daughter-in-law, I am going to play by her rules till she goes back to Ogbomosho. As soon as she leaves I am bringing the formulas and bottles. Exclusive breastfeeding is so like yesterday, babies need more to grow certainly. Different things works for different mothers, I have chosen my path afterall he is my son and i want the best for him. Looking at him feed hungrily I smiled. He sure will definitely love food. and a lot of it.

This way ma I heard nurse Fadekemi’s voice say, “Ose, Thank you my dear”. I know that voice.

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