Tips for an amazing Summer Holiday 2023

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The Summer holiday gives the children an 8 week long break, after a long stretch of school activities if left alone, children would only spend the holiday playing, on their phones or systems, with little signs of productivity. We have curated  a list of all the essential tips you need to plan an amazing summer holiday. We understand that  parents need to be able to plan a summer holiday that is a balanced mixture of fun, new experiences, family bonding, skill development and learning. Here are some tips on how to plan the most amazing summer holiday for your children.

To help you curate the best summer holiday experience we have put together a list of top Ideas on how to spend the summer break, leaving summer to chance is the best way to let the summer holiday get away from you. Money or a low budget is definitely also not a reason to not enjoy the summer holiday, click here for tips on how to enjoy the summer with less expenses. 

Kick boredom out this summer with these tips

The alternative to a well planned holiday for the children is boredom, and parents must avoid keeping the children in an elongated state of boredom and idleness as they are key instruments for mischief, are you interested in knowing how much is possible due to boredom check it out here. 

It is essential however that summer is a balance of fun and education, every parent wants the mind of their child to stay active during the summer to ensure the mental alertness, when the school session resumes.  If you are seeking productive ways to engage your child during the summer, here are some tips for you Here or check out one of the following;

How to keep children busy over the summer holiday

3 fun ways to keep your children active this summer

–  9 destinations summer bucket list

tips for screen time during the summer holiday,

Effective digital Parenting during the summer


It takes intentionality, be a good digital parent, click here if you need tips on How to be an Intentional parent this summer. Every parent must watch and be mindful of the use of gadgets by their child(ren) during the holiday and through out their growing years. Parents also need to be properly equipped about the way, they can use technology to monitor, and manage their children’s online presence and its overall effect, click here for tips on How to guide your child’s screen time this summer .

We have shared with you some tips on how to guide your children’s online presence over the summer holiday. Here are some helpful resources to guide your parenting in the digital age;

5 brilliant ways to avoid screen time meltdown this summer

5 tips for keeping your teen safe this summer 

Be sure to create memories that will live with your children forever this summer.

Want to keep them in a structured environment, where they are learning and engaged check out the Summer Camp 2023 guide Here. 



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