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TASIS: The American School in England

The American educator Mary Crist Fleming, Established TASIS: The American School in England in 1976. TASIS is a leading co-educational, independent day and boarding school; providing a truly international learning experience. The school has over 600 students aged 3 to 18 from 60 different nationalities. Boarding is available from Grade 8 (Aged 13). 

What is the Mission of TASIS?

TASIS England nurtures intellectual curiosity and emboldens each learner to flourish; as a principled, open-minded, and compassionate member of a global community. 

How many students are enrolled at TASIS England?

There are around 630 students in total and about a third of these are boarding students. 

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Where is TASIS England located? 

The School is located on a beautiful 46-acre campus just 35 minutes by train from central London. It is also 20 minutes by car from London Heathrow Airport. 

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Who is TASIS England inspected and accredited by?

The School is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and we are accredited by The Council of International Schools (CIS), The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEAS&C), The International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and The British Council.


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What age range are your students? 

We teach students aged 3 to 18 which covers Early Years through to Grade 12. Our Lower School is from the Early Years to Grade 4; our Middle School is from Grade 5 to Grade 8. Finally, our Upper School is from Grade 9 to Grade 12.

What are your class sizes?

Our Upper School has an average of 10 students per class. Our small class sizes lead to more personalized attention for each student, differentiated teaching and strong student engagement

What time do classes start and finish?

Classes start at 08:15 and finish at 15:20. The exception to this is on a Wednesday when classes start at 09:00. 

What do students study in Grades 11 and 12?

Students can take the American High School Diploma, Advanced Placement (AP) classes or the IB Diploma Programme

Does TASIS England provide any university and college guidance to students? 

TASIS England has a dedicated University and College Counseling team on campus. Every student in Grades 9 to 12 takes a 4-year university and college counselling course. In addition, students are assigned a Counselor. The Counselor works regularly with students through the planning and action stages of university and college admissions 

Admissions representatives from a wide variety of colleges and universities around the world visit the TASIS England campus. This happens throughout the year and interested students get to attend key Higher Education events throughout the UK too.

TASIS England is a testing centre for the SAT and ACT; both of which are standardized tests that are used by several American colleges and universities. As well as some international universities. 

The American School in England LagosMums


What are some of the facilities offered on the TASIS campus?

Our facilities include music rooms, art studios, three libraries, Fleming Art Gallery, Fleming Theatre, MakerSpace, Centre for Innovation, Inspiration, and Exploration in partnership with Samsung, University and College Counseling Office, Wellbeing Centre, EAL Centre, Learning Support Department, 24/7 Health Centre, sports halls, and Fitness Centre.  

What are the university destinations of your students?  

Each year, TASIS England students gain entry into top universities throughout the world. This includes Russell Group in the UK and Ivy League in the US. 

An impressive 96% of TASIS England students are accepted by their first or second choice university. 

What extracurricular activities does TASIS England offer? 

TASIS England is proud to offer an extensive co and extracurricular program. These come along with the latest facilities and equipment available to students.

Our Arts program covers visual arts, theatre, music and film. We host music recitals and concerts, theatre productions, art and photography exhibitions, and dance performances throughout the academic year.

There is also a wide range of clubs and activities to choose from. These include; Model United Nations, Duke of Edinburgh, Engineering, Medical Society, STEM, Theatre Club, Art Club, Environmental Club, Sign Language Club and Wildlife Club. 


We offer both UK and US sports including; soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, cross country and track. Others include dance, golf, swimming, touch rugby, baseball, field hockey, horse riding, sailing, martial arts, skateboarding and softball. 

How does TASIS England help to support student wellbeing? 

TASIS England is dedicated to supporting the well-being of each student. This includes Middle and Upper School students who are assigned an advisor on a yearly basis. The Advisor serves as a student’s mentor and is knowledgeable about his/her general welfare.

Through counselling, students learn to manage their feelings, thoughts and/or behaviour and work towards improving self-esteem. Click To Tweet

Our on-campus Counseling Service is always available to students. Counsellors provide a trained listening ear that is never judgemental and always confidential. They help students develop the tools to solve their problems. This is done by drawing upon their unique emotional and intellectual resources to promote greater self-understanding. Through counselling, students learn to manage their feelings, thoughts, behaviour and work towards improving self-esteem.

Prefects who are selected through a process of application, recommendation and interview; also provide peer support. All Prefects receive ongoing training and support and are qualified to serve as peer helpers. 

House Parents are caring adults and role models for each student in their boarding house. They also serve as a key source of support in their life at TASIS England.  

Are there any community service opportunities for students?

At TASIS England, community service is an integral part of each student’s education. Our students develop brilliant minds in their academic work, as well as nurture brilliant hearts in their service to others. 

We expect our students to be engaged in the world; as well as committed to using their knowledge and talents to make a positive lifelong impact. Community service allows our students to learn more about themselves, hone their strengths, and challenge themselves in areas of difficulty. The insight gained from hands-on experience helps to strengthen students’ characters and to make them citizens of the world. 

At TASIS England there are on campus, off-campus and overseas community service opportunities for students to participate in a project containing a social justice, conservation, or education element, recognizing the value of service… Click To Tweet

Each academic year. students are required to complete at least one community service project. Students taking the IB Diploma Programme also have to complete a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) element. 

Tell us about your boarding houses?

We have 8 boarding houses on campus divided by gender and age. There are generally two students in a room and they share an ensuite bathroom. Each boarding house has dedicated house parents responsible for the safety, wellbeing and happiness of the students. 

We have 8 boarding houses on campus divided by gender and age. Click To Tweet

What is the admission process at TASIS England? Is there a deadline? 

TASIS England has a rolling admissions process. This means students can apply to join at any time of the academic year. The admissions process is all online and information can be found here 

A member of the Admissions team will always be available to provide help and guidance.

Does TASIS England have a school uniform?

Yes, the School has a uniform, which can be purchased from the campus or online shop. 

How much are your fees and what do they include?  

Our fees for the 2021/22 academic year can be found here

Parents Involvement at TASIS

We encourage our parents to be involved in the school community. And there are many different ways they can do this. Parents can also join the TASIS England Parent Association (TPA).

Some of their activities include the Buddy Family Program, fundraising activities, seminars and various social events. Parents can also be part of the Parents’ Information and Resource Committee (PIRC); which help families with all aspects of their transition to TASIS England and to living in the UK. 

Do you have any Open Days?

Details of our Open Days can be found here

Does TASIS England offer a school bus service? 

TASIS England operates a door-to-door busing service with professional uniformed drivers, who have all undertaken safeguarding training. Our buses have the latest environmentally friendly engines. And they utilize the latest technology to provide real-time vehicle tracking and performance reports.

We have a number of routes within about a 1-hour radius of TASIS England. In addition, we offer a 5% discount per child to families with more than one child using the service.

Does TASIS offer a Summer Program? 

Each year TASIS England welcomes students aged 11 to 17 from all over the world. They arrive on our beautiful campus for a unique and fun educational experience. We offer 2 three-week sessions; and students select one main course and one elective course, from a wide choice of options. There really is something for everyone!

The weekends are a time for adventure – experiencing the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge, riding a roller coaster, paintballing, discovering London and so much more!

How do we contact you for more information or to schedule a visit to the school?  

Please contact the Admissions Office by email at [email protected] 

A member of the team will always be very happy to help. 

Join us to Discover TASIS The American School in England at a Webinar for Parents holding on Thursday, November 11 2021 at 7 pm. Register to join us here


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