The Father: His Health, His family, His Legacy

One of the biggest responsibilities today is being a man. Having to build a career, raise children and provide for the family is very demanding and can get overwhelming sometimes, but beyond these is the need to leave a legacy in the lives of our children. For the fathers, you are not only doing the duties of a ‘dad’, but you are also leaving behind an example that will shape the trajectory of the next generation. Make that example worth modelling after.

This June, we are celebrating the men – dauntless, fearless and resilient men who will stop at nothing to see that their families are showered with all the love and care they need. We celebrated Father’s Day and now, we are reflecting on Men’s Health.

We have listed a few health tips every man (and the women who care for them) should take into consideration.

There are many points to note on the topic of Men’s health – your diet, your cholesterol levels, ensuring to have regular checks with your general practitioner and more. Bridge Clinic’s Medical Centre provides a very comprehensive healthcare plan for men below 40 and above 40 as well. There is something for every age range because good health is vital for us all. Remember that you being healthy means you can always be there to live out every moment with your family. Don’t trade this for anything.

Get some exercise!

While some workouts may appear as US Marine military drills, it is important for you to find what suits your lifestyle. Enrol with a gym or an online fitness coach, or take evening walks with your partner. If these don’t work for you, give Yoga a shot, but make sure you incorporate fitness into your schedule.

Read something new every day

You don’t need to have a division of your house that looks like a public library to be a trove of knowledge. By simply surfing the internet, you would have successfully learned so much in the space of minutes. Take time every day to read something new that can be beneficial for your personal development or profitable for those you love.

You can even read up on how to be better at your job or as a dad/husband, just the exact same way you are reading this piece.

Have enough bonding time with your kids

Note to all the fathers reading this: Dear daddy, don’t leave the bonding time to mommy alone! Studies show that spending time with your children improves their self-esteem and they end up with higher IQs. Need we say more?

Stress management

It is easy to pressure yourself with the demands of your career, commitments and your family such that you don’t even know when you have hit the stress limit. Over time, stress will take its toll on you so you must always find ways to de-stress. Family time out, bonding with your spouse, vacation or other relaxing ideas can help. Rest is essential!

Care for your prostate

The prostate grows as you get older. This is inevitable. As it grows, you will most likely have urinary strain problems. The most important thing for you (especially if you are above 40) is to ensure you get regular PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) checks, a service which is available at the Bridge Clinic Medical Centre.


Regular sex

Sex is no doubt a highly enjoyable, intimate and therapeutic means of relaxing for lots of couples. Good sex is known to be great for your heart and helps to boost the immune system. So, it has its health benefits.

On the issue of Male Infertility, a lot of men find this topic difficult to talk about, until after they’ve had an assessment that confirms their situation. Some men don’t even believe the problem of infertility could lie with them, the general notion and school of thought is that; “It’s the woman’s problem.

Some men even believe sexual “performance” is enough evidence of their ability to get a woman pregnant. “No issues with doing the deed means no issues with me,” you may say.

Semen analyses have come to prove these schools of thought wrong, time and again. After years of trying to conceive, performance is no longer relevant and fertility must be assessed. Hey, don’t get us wrong. Performance is great guys! No doubt, it is.

But it’s not enough to get a woman pregnant.

Statistically, 30% of fertility problems are from the men, and they don’t even have a clue until they go for a semen analysis. If you are experiencing a delay in getting pregnant, or you and your partner are yet to get assessed, don’t delay. Seek help by reaching out to Bridge Clinic, there is always help and there is always hope.

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