The MumPreneur Guide For 2019

Are you a mumpreneur? that means that you are managing your roles as a mum, a home manager while running a business! There is a lot to manage here and you might get overwhelmed with all there is to do. The mumpreneur guide for 2019 will help you with your business goals this year. The year is already hopping along and we all need some help on what to focus on and how.

The Mumpreneur Guide for 2019

1. Digital media marketing

Digital media cannot be ignored as a critical part of most business. As a mumpreneur you need to get a handle of digital media whether you are new to the whole digital media marketing stage or whether you are somewhat comfortable with it already. The verdict is that there is a need for more of it this year. Your business needs a marketing strategy and it needs to include digital.

“If your business is not online, then you are not in business”- This quote has resonated with me. You know your business best, so ask yourself what digital platforms you need to utilize?

Your content marketing should include the content you will be sharing and how you will convert followers to customers.

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Read Digital Marketing Institute’s tips on 5 Social Media Trends For 2018.

2. ‎Structure

A lack of structure makes it very difficult for a business to grow and scale. The right structure will govern how the business will run successfully. Structure includes a team, accounting system, tax consultant, business accounts etc. Being small is no excuse.

There are several companies that work with SME’s to offer business services such as tax consultancy, legal services and HR services for an affordable fee.

You must separate your personal from your business account; do not co-mingle personal and business affairs. Pay yourself a salary however small and keep proper records, get a consultant for taxes and don’t wait till you need to expand. “Outsource what you can so you can focus on what you cant – your creativity”.

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It is advisable to do this now so when you need to get funding or an investor the financial health of your Company is in good shape.

Additional resources: Learn How To Register Your Company  in Nigeria and visit SMEToolKit for various resources on starting and growing your business. 


3. ‎Work life balance

If you are a mumpreneur that means you have a child, which means you are balancing several roles on a daily basis. The reality of running your own business and catering for your family can be tough yes; but it can be done. One of the first steps to managing this is to have closing hours and have core hours. This means you have to discipline yourself not to work round the clock – going non-stop can easily happen because work never truly ends.

You could identify a space where you can work outside of the home for a couple of hours such as a cafe or virtual office. Be intentional about managing your time and do not let work interfere with your family time. There will always be work but there won’t always be time to build the values in the family. [READ: How Apps Can Help With Your Goals]

Have priorities. Know what balance looks like for you, be honest and assess your realities, consider your options and work it out. Be bold and ask for help from your support system  or for half day Fridays from your boss.

4. ‎Networking

This year make it a goal to network, meet people and collaborate with other business owners. Make it a priority to network, collaborate and meet other people who can either be customers or refer you to potential customers.

If no one knows what you do how will your business grow? Bust the myth that women are not good at networking because networking leads to collaborations and partnerships. Women help women and those who don’t weren’t meant for you – move on don’t shut down.

Attend annual local events like the Wimbiz Conference and the LagosMums Parenting Conference; anywhere women gather is an opportunity for networking.

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Have your business cards ready to share and do not forget the power of social media. Visit Privinto to order your business cards and other tools. Be sure to use this link to get 10% off your order.

5. ‎Constant Learning

The one thing we know for sure is that the world is changing. New technologies are introduced on a daily basis and the best way to stay updated is to continue to learn. You could sign up for online courses, attend seminars, trainings and find thought industry leaders in your sector; subscribe to newsletters for updates in your sector. Some of the resources I recommend for training are Learn Digital With Google, CourseraUdemyAlison, Shaw Academy among many others. 


6. Accountability partners

The importance of accountability partners cannot be underestimated. Having others whom you can share your journey with, ask questions and share challenges with goes a long way in the entrepreneurship journey. So do yourself a favor and find other business owners and mentors whom you can learn from as you grow your business. Some of my mentors include podcasters I listen to regularly.

Have a fantastic year ahead mumpreneurs!

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