How Reflexology Can Help Infertility

Have you ever wondered how to improve your chances of getting pregnant? Reflexology can help in cases of infertility. According to medical statistics 25-39% of women across the world are temporarily infertile.

Before I share reasons why a lot of women find themselves faced with this predicament, I will share the story of a lady named Inge Dougans. For two years Inge had made attempts to conceive unsuccessfully. Her medical practitioner had given her a diagnosis of blocked fallopian tubes that could only be treated by surgery, with a 10-15% chance of success. Inge with the information she had chose to go ahead with the surgery. Her mother prevailed on her to slow down and get a second opinion which saved her from undergoing surgery. Let’s discuss some uncommon reasons why some women cannot conceive.


What Is Responsible for Infertility?

According to Nicola Hall, a British medical practitioner, three conditions most responsible for infertility amongst women are –

  1. Stress
  2. Hormone levels
  3. Blocked Fallopian tubes

According to Coach Ojoi, medical finding states that regular consumption of diets high in acidic enzymes e.g. lemon, lime & pineapples can cause temporary infertility. Sodas or beverages that contain extracts of most of the fruits mentioned above can contribute to the condition in women.  One other reason worthy of mentioning is prolonged use of contraceptive pills; this could also inhibit the ability of a woman to conceive.

Back to Inge, her mother intervened and suggested she tries reflexology as an alternative to the surgery. While she was skeptical about it, she decided to give it a shot. During her reflexology treatment she conceived and got pregnant on her second out of the ten sessions planned. She is now a proud mother of two boys.

Enabling Environment to Get Pregnant

To conceive naturally requires an atmosphere or lifestyle that permits it, the first step in this is to reduce your stress level. Excess stress hormone in the body known as cortisol is responsible for hormonal imbalances in the body, which results in poor blood circulation. The poor circulation leaves the fallopian tubes crowded with impediments that build over time and eventually caused blockage.[Read:Is Reflexology the new cure for infertility]

Q: So you may ask, Coach Ojoi what do I need to do after medical assistance and fertility drugs have failed?

Here is what I would suggest based on medical findings over the years –

  1. Exercise – Gentle exercise helps reduce stress as well as increase blood circulation in the body. Practice 30-60 minutes brisk walk 3-5 times a week or enrol in aerobic dance class like Zumba 3 times a week.
  2. Reflexology – The application of specific pressures to reflex points in the hands/feet. Most medical practitioners in Nigeria are familiar with this type of physical therapy. If you are in search of a reflexologist, you can contact me for more information. [Read: Why Reflexology works]
  3. Avoid smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke from smokers, car and generator fumes etc. Carbon monoxide or nicotine in cigarettes impedes blood circulation in the body, which constricts arteries responsible for blood circulation to the reproductive system of the body.
  4. Cut down diet high in acidic enzymes e.g. lemon, lime & pineapples. The enzymes are antibiotic in nature; they kill both good and bad bacteria in the body.

I believe that if you apply the tips shared in this article, you will increase your chances of conceiving and becoming pregnant naturally. I wish you SUCCESS!

Coach Ojoi

Coach Ojoi is a Life & Fitness Coach/Consultant, Reflexologist, Author & Motivational Speaker. Email: [email protected] | Number: 0806 646 7254

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