Tips on choosing a School for your Child

As the academic School Year is starting to wind to a close with 2nd term almost over, the process to start preparing for the school your child will attend come September (New School Year) might be underway. The decision on which school to choose for your child centers around which school is the best for your child?Educating one’s child is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. But in taking this decision one of the basic questions that many parents struggle with is Which school is the best for my child? which school will my child be happiest? The answer depends on your requirements, which to a large extent are adult benchmarks.

He/she will have a chance to develop learning habits and skills which will set the course for the rest of their adult life. They will become part of a community which truly cares about them, wants only the best for them and sets standards of excellence to which they can aspire.

While having a myriad of school choices may seem ideal, it can actually complicate matters for parents. Who among parents has the time and energy to thoroughly investigate multiple schools? And even if they do, how can they really know which of those schools is best for their child? Decision on if to keep the child at home or send hi,/her away to boarding school is also a big question?

Most parents look up a few schools, make a few visits, and then choose a school by its reputation, that is, by what other parents have to say about it.

There are a couple of problems with this approach. One is that reputation often lags behind reality. A school that has a not so good reputation may have improved dramatically over the past few years. Another problem is that reputation is not a good predictor of how well your child will do. Another issue is that parents sometimes choose a popular school to satisfy their peer group.

For some parents choosing a school is as easy as geography the one closest to home is the most appropriate. With traffic in Lagos, must parents should ideally want to reduce the travel time for the children such that they are not waking up before the sun rises and getting home after the sun sets.

Some of the guidelines that you might use to arrive at your decision include:

1. Facilities;

2. School population, will your child thrive in a school with a large or small population?

3. Broad curriculum;

4.  Location;

5. Where your child’s friends are going;

6. Mixed or Single Sex School

7. Religious Affiliation

8. Boarding or Day School

9. Schools the children end up upon graduation – what are the external results like

Before your school search starts, it could help to think about how important each of these issues is to you:

Think about what you want most from your child’s education and review the school’s values and curriculum. Most schools provide a prospectus outlining their philosophies and approach in curriculum, discipline and expectations of students. It’s best if the school’s philosophy matches that of your family.

Class size is also an important issue when choosing a school. If possible, find a school with small classes. Research shows that the ideal class size is 16 students to one teacher.

Remember after you have narrowed down on the school options Apply on time!!! The competition and wait list can be steep. Don’t forget also to speak with other parents to get a real sense of their experiences.

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