Tips From Couples On How To Make Your Marriage Thrive

Every couple is different, and what worked for others may be different from what works or will work for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some tips on how to make your marriage thrive from all the lovebirds who’ve been together for so long! You know what they say about sage advice.

Some of our mums and dads were happy to tell us their love secret and we’ve put them together. Most of them had one thing to say even if they said it differently; “after a while, staying married is tough, You just have to be intentional about loving your spouse”


1. Never be too busy to communicate

The need for communication cannot be overemphasized. Communication will go a long way in making sure you and your spouse understand each other. Talk about everything to nothing. Don’t assume that the other person automatically knows what is going through your mind. Talk talk talk! It doesn’t always have to be when you’re together could be through text messages, cute emails, voice notes. Whatever means you use, don’t stop communicating.

2. Don’t dwell on an argument

Be careful not to let the sun set on your anger. It’s okay to argue since sometimes we might have conflicting opinions. However, don’t dwell on an argument. If you can’t let it go, agree to disagree.

3. Keep the spark alive!

Be spontaneous. Know what makes your spouse tick and be ready to turn them on as often as you can. Give and take – Be willing to satisfy your partner, sometimes, just do it because you want to and don’t expect anything in return. Have sex often and let it be a two-way street. [Mums, How do you keep the romance alive?]

4. It’s not all about inner beauty

Wait, Inner beauty is important, it’s what will sustain a marriage. However, physical attraction is also key. We’re not talking about the standard social media type of beauty. It’s in the little things, Don’t let yourself go, smell nice, dress well, keep fit, look good.

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5. Maintain mutual respect

As a couple, you need to respect your partner. Never speak poorly about them and avoid “name calling” during arguments.

6. Don’t stop being friends

Before marriage, you were friends. After marriage, stay friends. Don’t stop being friends. Be best friends who can talk for hours, laugh together and enjoy each others company. Don’t laugh at your spouse, laugh with your spouse. Also, don’t stop doing the little things you did together before marriage. [Keep the marriage alive]

Are there any other tips you’d like to share?

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