Top 6 Ways to Keep Children Busy When You Are Working


Have you decided that working from home is a better proposition than travelling to work everyday? If yes, then this is a good decision. You can spend time with your children and earn from home. But, working from home is not really very easy as you will have a difficult time keeping your work and break hours separate. Your children will keep coming to you for something or the other. The best thing to do would be to keep them occupied for the duration of your work time. Read on to know how you can keep your children busy –

  1. Keep Them Occupied With Crafts – To keep them occupied with crafts, you need to have items like glue, craft paper, scissors, markers, paints and some pictures ready. Give them a project and ask them to start with it. It can be anything that they like but children like to be given a topic. Don’t be vague and tell them to make anything they like. Make sure that the project is challenging. You can ask your daughter to make a jewelry box for all her accessories or your son can make model cars.
  2. Get Your Children To Help You With Your Work – One way to keep your children busy is to let them help you. If you have a mail order business, or have to send mail by post, then you can let them stuff letters in envelopes or any other simple work. Go a step further and get them to work for you in exchange for pocket money or other privileges. They will work sincerely and will complete it.
  3. Give Your Children Board Games – Board games take a long time. So, when you are working, you can give them board games to play. You can also let them invite their friends over to your place on the condition that they do not make too much noise. For some change, you may even let them play PC games on sites like But make sure this doesn’t become a habit with them.
  4. Give Them Educational Games – You can buy educational PC games for your child so that he can be busy when you are. If you are using the PC, then buy him other games that do not involve using the computer.
  5. Suggest That Your Kids Play Dress up – Children, especially girls, love to play dress up. Let them play this when you have to work or have a deadline. They can play Mom-Dad or Barbie where each child gets to dress up not only in fine clothes but can also use accessories.
  6. Give Them Household Chores – If there are no games to play, you can set them to do household chores in exchange for pocket money or other benefits. They can clean the house or their room and put everything away in its designated place. Or, you can ask them to weed the garden. There is so much work to do around the house. Give them something that they can do easily.

Giving kids games to play when you are busy is okay but don’t forget to set curfew. There should be a specific time to play and work. Don’t let the child take advantage of your work to extend his play time.

contributed by Brenda Lyttle

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