A to Z of Parenting Tips Summary

A-Z Parenting

We have finally come to the end of this ride and we believe it has been a worthwhile journey for you. So for those of you who were or weren’t with us on the journey, here is a little recap of all we talked about on A to Z of parenting tips.



Children must learn to fear and respect whatever authority they have been placed under. Unruly children are such that have an issue with authority placed over them or as such have never been placed under authority. A child who respects and appreciates authority will grow up very respectful and responsible.


Everyone and everything that was created by God is beautiful. Our children should be taught to see beauty in everything; from the tree on the road side, stars in the bright sky even the little girl riding her bike along the pathway. If our children cannot appreciate the beauty in the little things how can they possibly learn to appreciate the beauty in others.


Learning contentment is a necessary lesson every parent should teach their child. This is the only way to cure covetousness- a trait which is inherent in every child. Learning contentment will go a long way in helping our children when faced with tempting situations that life may bring.


Folly is bound up in every child and therefore the need to learn the act of discipline comes into play. Without proper discipline instilled in every child, achieving success would be a mere dream that would never be actualised in the child’s life time

A to Z Parenting Tips
Disciplining Children

Have Empathy on all we meet in this journey of life, being fully aware of the fact that everyone we meet is going through something. Children should be taught to always show empathy to everyone at all times.


Faithfulness goes a long way in saying the kind of person we are or will eventually turn out to be. We should train our children to be faithful in everything they do and say. Children should be faithful with both the little and big things that come across there paths


In a world full of ungrateful people (who at a point in time in their lives were once children), we should teach our children to appreciate everything that comes their way and whatever they have. They should always remember that someone else is in a more worse position. So they should always be grateful for what they have

Hard work

Hardwork is the key to attaining great heights and success in whatever our children set their minds on. Lazy never got anyone anywhere. Our children should be taught to appreciate what it means


A child who lacks integrity is like a bird with broken wings- useless to themselves. If children aren’t taught integrity at their young age, they grow being full of lies, not being able to be held accountable for the words they speak and people will naturally loose trust in such child. Integrity is very necessary for a child who intends to be useful not only to himself/herself but the society they live in at large


As the song goes “Give me Joy in my heart, keep me praising”. Joy is not about possessions but about God’s goodness and a heart filled with joy. Teach your children this by letting them see you filled with a joyful heart.


Kindness should be a law on the lips of every child. From the words they speak to the way they behave. Now imagine a world full of children who were corrected anytime they displayed selfishness in their actions, we would be living in world full of kindness. Children should be taught to be kind at all times. So lets keep on Keeping on in their acts of kindness


Our children should use love as a model of leadership. Children should learn to see past themselves and see others first. Love should be a way of life inculcated in the life of our children. But we should remember that we can only give what we have. If we haven’t shown love to our children or others alike, neither can our children learn to show love.


Our children should be taught the art of making wise decisions and investments that would help them in the future. We should always encourage our kids to have a healthy attitude to money and also make the most of the money that comes their way. Children should be taught to make every penny count.

A to Z Parenting Tips
Girl putting money into piggy bank for future savings
Navigate through life and it circumstances

At one point in time or the other our children are going to be faced with the ‘storms of life’. The attitude they have to life will go a long way to helping them succeed in whatever they may come against. They should always be taught never to give up as they navigate through life and its circumstances.


Our children should learn to be original in everything they do, from the way they dress themselves up to the way they carry out difficult tasks. Originality means being you and adding flavour and style to the way you do it. When our children are original, only then can they set a standard that is worthy to be followed by others. [READ: Teach Children Originality]


Patience in everything we do is a necessity for achieving the best in life. Most of our children are always anxious for everything. Anxious to fit in, anxious to stand out, the list is seemingly endless. We should never forget to teach them the importance of having to wait for something and most especially the attitude we possess while waiting for it.

Question things and situations around It

Necessity they say is the mother of all inventions. Now possessing an inquisitive nature is very necessary for our children but we should know when and where to draw the line between something helpful and something our children have no business knowing. Children who naturally question the nature of things and are inquisitive to know more will grow up transforming the society they live in. [READ: Teach Children To Question Things]

Reading Culture

As the wise saying goes, readers are leaders. Children should be taught to develop a good reading culture. The more they read they more they learn.


The issue of sex has always been a delicate one when it concerns our children. Children should be properly educated about their sexuality and also the harms that are imbedded therein. We should never have the mindset that our children are too young to know about certain things. Let us be open and truthful with them. It would eventually help them when they grow up. [READ: Teach Children About Sex]


The attitude we possess while we wait for everyday situations (from the way we cook to the way we relate with others) in our lives to play themselves out is very necessary. Unfortunately most parents don’t lay a good example for their children. Let not forget that children will naturally imitate what they see. So if we remain calm even in the most terrible situations, our children will naturally follow our way of life calm and handle situations appropriately. [READ: Teach Children Temperance]


United we stand, divided we fall. Children must learn to appreciate the power of unity. Knowing fully that the best way to achieve anything is through team work


Becoming a victor means us naturally giving value to the time that comes our way. Children must learn the strategy of knowing their priorities and setting them aright. It is of a necessity that we inculcate in our children the ‘never give up even when you keep falling you get up and go spirit’ while they press forward in life. [READ: Teach Children to be Victorious]


Attitude A wise child first starts with being able to patiently wait for understanding of things that may come up against our children. We should teach our children to be wise at all cost, but they should know that wisdom has ethics, and if they will follow them squarely they would win, the wisdom they posses should be based on good principles. They should never circumvent their journey neither take upon themselves to go about using evil wisdom.


Extraordinary feats were achieved by men who took extraordinary challenges and carved a niche for themselves in the process. Our children must examine themselves and carefully scrutinize their strengths and weaknesses. Then they must develop a strategy to differentiate the good from the bad thereby creating extraordinary result. [READ: Teach Children to Become Extraordinary]

Yearn for Greatness

The fastest way to get your child to yearn for greatness and become a big thinker is to make sure such a child is surround with those who have big thinking. Encourage them to have big plans of their own, also encourage them to figure out a way to earn income for themselves. Its is advisable to let your children follow you to work and most importantly for a brighter future, they must learn to  always to put God first. [READ: Teach Your Children to Yearn for Greatness]


Our children should learn to incorporate zealousness  as  a benchmark for every good thing they pursue in life only then can you reach the top. Zeal will keep them pressing forward even amidst the storms

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