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In January 2010, Chetachi Ezenagu, a young married mother, left her beautiful daughter Emmanuella in the care of her nanny. She had just turned one, before that she had been a happy healthy little baby.

At lunch time, Chetachi came home to find her baby unconscious in her crib. She immediately rushed her to a hospital where she was pronounced dead half an hour later. The cause of death was drowning. “…..The baby had drowned in the bath tub through the nanny’s carelessness and the nanny had been unable to revive her

After experiencing first hand the effects of losing a child so young and the trauma felt by the whole family, Chetachi wanted desperately to help other children and their families avoid similar situations.

Since then, Chetachi’s family and friends have been raising money through fundraising events to help charitable institutions working with children. Some of these activities have supported organisations like The Nigerian Red Cross and Motherless & Abandoned babies home and we have generally promoted the importance of First Aid training for the health and wellbeing of our young ones.

This year, we intend to support the special Children of the Bethseda Child Agency by supporting this Non profit organization with funds in order for them to continue their noble work of providing Free and Quality education to orphaned and vulnerable children.  Any and all donations will be accepted with gratitude and the uplifting knowledge that you have done your part to put a smile on their faces this Christmas period. We also welcome donations in kind: any goods or services which could be useful to our cause as Chetachi welcomes and enjoys support from a broad range of individuals and groups within a large number of different communities and corporations.

Our Fundraisers will be happy to contact you at your convenience in order discuss a sponsorship/partnership or to accept your kind gifts.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to your future participation and interest.

Yours Faithfully,

For: Ella’s Foundation

Andrea Okafor
[email protected]
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