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Vatebra Tech-Hub is an innovative climate and a collective community for startups, visionaries, creative minds and moguls in the tech space. Our major focus is on turning ideas into business solutions and eventually to market and growing a completely digitalized economy in Nigeria.

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Vatebra Tech-Hub

STEM is an acronym representing the huge push to teach and involve students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM is a very important educational topic in both homes and schools across the world.

Due to crumbling test scores and low enthusiasm in many schools, both parents and teachers struggle to find new and better ways to create more interest in these critical learning topics. These classroom subjects give our children the keys to a promising and booming future in one of these science-driven fields.

Although there are many ways to help encourage a STEM education, robotics education programs are allowing children as young as 6 to learn valuable problem-solving STEM skills.

At Vatebra Tech-Hub we offer weekend robotics classes where your children learn how to build robots to solve solutions using the Lego Mindstorms, the Pitsco Tetrix Prime and Arduino software programming. Application is still going ongoing.

Find Projects by children from the first set of our Robotics classes here.

We will be running 3 sessions till the next summer program for kids aged 6-18 years.

  • First Session : 26 October – 14 December – 8 Saturdays
  • Second Session : 15 February – 4th April – 8 Saturdays
  • Third Session : 16th May – 4th July – 8 Saturdays

It will hold from 10am to 2pm daily at Vatebra Tech Hub, KM 25 Lekki – Epe Expressway Ajiwe, Ajah. Register here

Other Services At Vatebra Tech-Hub:

We offer tech training as short courses, intermediary courses and professional curricular courses. Our courses cut across Programming, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Use of Microsoft Office Suite and other tech-related training. We also offer non-tech training in areas of entrepreneurship and business management.


Our incubator/accelerator program is for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs with genius tech-driven business ideas. We provide business mentorship and infrastructural support (office spaces) that will help the entrepreneurs scale.

At the end of the program, we shall provide our entrepreneurs with the platform to pitch their ideas to the Bank of Industry (BOI) and other investors who can provide them with seed funding/scale-up investments; in exchange for equity/stake in the company.


We organize tech meet-ups and hackerton to share ideas, create awareness and encourage technology enthusiasts and techpreneurs.


Robotics has proven to be a more interesting and engaging way to teach STEM to young people. The coming decade will be defined by the largest workforce transition in the history of mankind. Robotics and artificial intelligence will be the driving force behind future technology that will drive new jobs.

vatera techhub
Robotics Lab

We provide subscription-based co-work spaces and shared offices with world-class amenities. Variety of strategically designed private offices and aesthetic common spaces with a fast reliable internet connection and connected colour printers, scanners and copiers.

In essence, at Vatebra Tech-Hub, we are dedicated to driving digital technology through Digital Capacity Development, Entrepreneurship Training and Inclusive Technology Education in Nigeria. We are capable of conducting world-class research that extends our understanding of the theory and practice of innovation, including commercial entrepreneurship and the processes of creative thinking that generate innovative practices across the continuum of human enterprise.


We are on Social Media: Facebook   Twitter  Instagram  LinkedIn

Contact Us on – Business Phone: +2348098282482

Location Address: Royal Office Building, 4th floor, KM 25 Lekki Epe Expressway. Ajiwe-Ajah Opp Fidelity.For more information visit Website: Vatebra Tech Hub   Email Us: [email protected]

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