Who Causes More Stress? Husbands Or Children

Mums, tell us what you think. Does your husband stress you twice as much as your children? Well, studies have shown that most mums feel like their husbands cause them more stress than their children do!

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The study found that most mothers become stressed and irritated when they don’t have enough time in the day to perform all the tasks that needs to be done. Moreover, 75 percent of the participants stated that they did most of the parenting and household duties in the family. And we bet you can relate. The truth is motherhood does bring some additional stress into already busy schedules.

How do husbands cause more stress than children?

Researchers found that 1 in every 5 mothers said that a major source of daily stress was a lack of help from their significant other. According to the University of Padova, these stress levels actually play a role later in life within the marriages as well as in health and longevity.

While the researchers at the University of Padova are unable to come up with a deciding factor as to why this was the case, their speculation is that mums feel this way because male partners rely more heavily on their female partners than vice versa.

Husbands and wives have to join forces to relieve each other of the stress that might come with parenting. If both spouses work full-time jobs, it will help to make sure that  there is a list of responsibilities that must be abided by. Simple congregation of duties such as splitting up who does what can relieve a lot of stress and get a lot more work done.

For instance, fathers can organize play dates, doctor appointments and deal with pick-up and drop off, while mothers can deal with homework duties and disciplining and reward. Nowdays with smartphones and tablets, couples can use a shared calendar app in order to keep one another accountable and up to date.

Stress is not cute. As husbands and wives as well, we should actively look for ways to help relieve our spouse’s stress. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.

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