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What To Do When The World Seems To Be Shaking

Everywhere you turn there is something going on that shocks you and you might wonder what to do when the world seems to be shaking. It can be violence, terrorism, immorality, plagues, wickedness, sickness and so many other things. There is the ongoing news report of Boko Haram attacks, the Girls are still not back, the breakout of Ebola and other news that are not encouraging.

standing firmIn church the other day, PT mentioned some stories I can only refer to as sickness. These are stories that show a different level of a world that seems to be shaking.

If true (I say “if” because I can’t fathom this being real). In the first of the stories a mother reportedly announced that she is in love with her daughter. She waited for the daughter to reach the age of consent so that they can carry on their relationship freely. The daughter claims to have learnt to separate mum from lover! They claim to be coming out to help other people who need to express themselves.

Second story was of twin boys who report being homosexuals. Their  concern was not about how to break the news to their parents. In their case, the parents were already aware and accepting of their sexual preference. Their big concern was how to tell their parents that they are each others lovers!

Third story I heard was that a woman was in love with her dog. She was saying that a dog is more faithful than a man!!

All these and more would definitely point to a world that seems to be shaking. There is darkness in various shapes and forms. There are various storms that are raging and threatening to take over the world as we know (or knew) it. Abnormal things seems to be becoming less shocking and almost normal?

What we have is that God’s word never changes, God does not follow seasons or trends. What God said was not okay before is still not okay today. It is assuring to know that there is something that stays the same – God’s word!

With Gods word you do not have to check the trend-o-meter to see if what God said is trending or in vogue or not. Gods word is assuring and stays the same.

As PT said God has pre-planned us for the darkness that seems to cover the land with something always threatening to take over and consume life and morality as we know it. The Bible has said that the earth will groan and that God’s people will be the light shining in the midst of darkness.

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The word says that there will be storms, the storms reveal which house is built on sand and which on rock – this is how God’s people will be revealed. Are you on slippery slope and taken over by a storm or are you on solid land and can stand firm no matter the storm or trend.

If there is no exam there can be no passing! The same way if there is no test there is no way to know who is for God or not.

God expects his people to be men and women of integrity, to have tenacity of character and to be creative. Creative because when you are in this world but not of this world, you need spiritual creativity to be able to navigate the world that we live in while still holding on firm to God’s word.

God has not left us without a roadmap or without guidance. God did say that there will be shaking in the earth, things and thoughts will shake, people and belief systems will shake, but what will remain are the things of the kingdom.

So when we look around and there are so many things shaking; or your children ask for your view on some new trend or the other; Don’t waiver.

The only answer we have is God’s word and this does not ever change. However, to stay grounded we must know God’s word, meditate on God’s word and be able to stand unshaken when the storms rage.

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