Your Newborns Sleeping Habits

It is not unusual for newborns to have unusual sleeping habits, particularly for them to want to sleep during the day, and stay awake at night. Remember, in the womb its dark all the time, so night and day mean nothing to them. Most likely your baby’s sleeping habits will need some adjustment as you sleep train your baby.

  • Do not make periods of sleep during the day too quiet. Keep the television or radio on and go about your regular business. Baby SleepingYou do not want baby to think that day time naps should be for long periods. Also you will get your baby used to the difference between day time naps and night time quickly.
  • Babies should nap during the day but more than three hour periods during the day. Gently wake baby up, one tip to wake a drowsy baby is to take off his clothes as the cold air on his body will wake him up.

The second half of the sleep training is the night time sleeping.

This is going to take some time and even with a good routine you will be getting up for feedings at least once at night for quite awhile and likely until solids are introduced. Some things you can do to make him more likely to sleep longer and better during the night are –

  • In the early days when baby is small, you should try putting baby in a bassinet or cradle for the first few weeks. As a crib can seem quite big to a newborn, he is likely to sleep better when he feels snug and cozy in a smaller space. Shop here for a bassinet
  • Sometimes giving baby some soothing sounds can help with sleeping for long periods at night. Sounds such as white noise, or soft classical music. The constant hum of a fan can provide the necessary soothing sound baby needs for a sound nights sleep.Time for Bed Newborn
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature. If it is too cold or too warm, baby might not sleep well. Use yourself as an example, what is comfortable for you is probably comfortable for your baby.
  • Establish a routine for day and night. Put him down for naps at the same time each day, and put him down for bedtime at night at the same time. Create some bedtime routine such as a bath, feeding and a story to get baby ready for bed. Routine helps babies and children know what to expect.

Do not try to make baby sleep at night by refusing to let him sleep during the day, as this will backfire because baby will be cranky and unhappy. Babies need lots of sleep and lots of time napping during the day, just remember not to let baby sleep for long periods during the day. As a new mum the best thing is to take a nap during the day when baby is sleeping. You need the rest to deal with the task of taking care of your baby. [Read: Healthy sleep for new and expecting parents]

Are there other tips that worked for you?

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