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Udo Okonjo

October is for Overcomers

OCTOBER is a month for overcomers. After what seems like a really tough season for many, I sense it’s a season of victory. Victory in your mind. Victory in your spirit. Victory in your attitude. Victory in your business and life. Get ready to overcome whatever stopped you before now. We were inspired by this…

Learning from GOD

God Working Through Tough Times

There is no end to knowing God, the moment you start to think that you know all there is to know is when you have become an “adult” in the Lord. How do you work through tough times? You must remain child like to keep seeking and learning. Once you stop learning..you start dying. The word…

prophetic headlines

God Has Gifts For You

God has gifts for every single person. The question is whether or not you are aware of what gifts has in store for you. In John 4:10, Jesus said “If you only knew the gift God has for you”. So what would you do if you understood all the gifts that God has for you. God has gifts…

When Everything is Up In The Air

What do you do when everything is up in the air? This was the question Pastor Mo asked. There are certain times that things might be very uncertain and unclear. There are certain ways to handle this. There are somethings in your life that should not be up in the air. What you place a…

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