14-year Old Found Apple’s FaceTime Bug

Have you heard about Apple’s recent FaceTime Bug? Well, the FaceTime bug could allow users to hear audio before their call had been accepted. When someone places a FaceTime group call, the person they were calling would continue to see the phone ring, but audio was sent from their phone. Which means that a caller could literally hear everything going on at the other end (the receiver’s end); before the receiver picks the call. This sounds scary. Whatever happened to online privacy?

Fourteen-year old Grant Thompson was just trying to play video games with friends on a day off from school when he made an alarming discovery: a bug in Apple’s FaceTime tool that could turn iPhones into eavesdropping devices.

Facetime bug
Grant Thompson, 14, and his mother tried to warn Apple about a bug in the iPhone’s FaceTime tool.

He discovered the glitch when he FaceTimed a friend who didn’t pick up. Grant realized he could hear everything coming through his friend’s iPhone, even though that person hadn’t answered. The friends immediately tried to recreate what happened. In some cases, users said, the bug could even access a recipient’s camera. They could also see what was going on there without the person’s permission.

“We tested a few more times and found out we could get people to force answer FaceTime calls,” Grant Thompson told CNN Business. “After we confirmed that it worked, I went and told my mom.”
Grant immediately told his mum who then reported the issue to Apple via email. Although, it took Apple a while to respond, the important lesson here is that Grant – being a responsible digital citizen – did not take advantage. He knew it was wrong and unsafe then he proceeded to report the issue to his Mum.
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Are You Raising Responsible digital citizens?

Parents face a huge challenge today, because we bring up children who are technologically more advanced and comfortable in using digital communication and social media than we are. In order to help them, we have to be Digital Savvy Parents.

If you are technology savvy, it is easier for you to have an open discussion about the pros and cons of technology with your child. You can no longer afford to say you do no understand how twitter or Instagram works.

Talk to your child and set your expectations for an acceptable use of the technology before allowing your child access to a new device, game system or other social media

By using your values and experience; you can learn about the digital world to help children achieve success throughout their lives in a technology driven world.

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