5 Habits To Be a Happy Working Mum

Here are 5 habits to be a happy working mum that are worth considering. There is always talk and debate about being a working mum or not. Mums need to cut themselves some slack and figure out ways to stop the guilt of not being there enough, or good enough. If you do not have guilt as a working mum then you are a minority.

happy working mum

  1. There is only one you

Much of our stress and irritations with motherhood comes from trying to live up to the “perfect mum” standards created by the images we see around us. Play up to your strengths and do not compare yourself. Who determines what is perfect anyway? It is better to do what works for you.

  1. Find your solitude

Take a walk. Keep a journal. Read a New York Times best-selling book. These are ways you can raise your daily happiness quotient. Take time for yourself. Even in all the activity and noise find ways to create quiet time for yourself.

  1. Make your family slow down for you

Slowing down the rush of your family life will be one of the keys to your happiness. Learn to slow everyone down a bit including yourself. Rushing around does not make you more effective, rather it just leaves you and everyone else flustered.

  1. Start dating your best friend again

The best way to help get your smile back is by picking up the phone and calling a friend. Good old phone calls not just a ping or whatsApp message. You will be amazed how mush better you will both feel when you spend time quality kid free time with your friend.

  1. Create a Weekly No-Work Day

Do you remember when Sunday was strictly a day of rest?  Implement, a regular “No Work Day” into your family’s weekly routine and instantly decrease household stress levels. You need rest time, you cannot work all the time so do not get sucked into the lure of wanting to prove you are a hard worker.

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What other tips do you use to make sure you are a happy working mum?

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