Authorities Issue Amber Alert In Suspected Kidnapping Of 15-Month-Old .

According to The Guardian, An Amber Alert was issued in suspected abduction of a 15-month-old child and his father in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. The child’s mother was brought in to be questioned by the police. However she claimed not to know anything about the whereabouts of her husband and baby boy.

What is an Amber Alert?

The amber alert system is a system developed in the U.S. to help track down suspected child kidnappers and rescue the kidnapped child. ‘AMBER’ is the name of a child kidnapped and later found dead in 1996 in the United States. It also means America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response.

Once a credible report of a missing child is reported to the Police, an alert is sent to radio and television stations, cable companies and other multiple police jurisdictions to galvanize an entire community adding extra eyes and ears to watch and listen and help the safe return of the missing child and apprehension of the suspect but in a developing country as Nigeria with no structured amber alert systems, we as mums need to safeguard our children in the safest way possible especially as the Christmas season  approaches, we have to be very conscious about who we leave our children with.

Here are a few security gadgets we recommend to enable you to secure your home:

Baby Monitors: Baby monitors are especially vital for new parents who may be afraid to leave the room or leave their child unattended. With a wireless baby monitor, you take the guesswork out. You never have to question what your child is doing and with record playback features, you will never miss an important moment or milestone.

You can also monitor with your smartphone and keep an eye on your child wherever you go, whether you’re in the next room, downstairs or away from home. 

Nanny Cameras: A nanny camera is an IP camera that is designed to look like ordinary objects around the house e.g. clocks, wall chargers, picture frames etc. It comes in form of ordinary objects to reduce suspicion and awareness of a camera in a house and it enables you view the images remotely wherever you are.

Outdoor Camera: An outdoor camera also called a doorbell ring is designed to show you who is knocking at your front door and it also provides an avenue for you to talk to the person at your doorstep. When connected to your home wireless connection, you can also view and speak to your visitors even when you’re outside the house.  


Indoor Camera: Indoor cameras allows you view everything that happens inside your house. Recording, playback and remote viewing is also available across this class of devices.



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