What to look for if you visit your Doctor’s Office or Hospital

Considering that there are several reasons to still visit a Doctor’s office or Hospital during this period. Dr Orode Doherty shares what to look for during this pandemic to ensure your safety. These tips will help you determine whether your Doctor’s office or hospital is focused on staying safe, and on keeping you safe during the ongoing pandemic. 

Doctor's office
What to look for in your Doctor’s Office 
Face Mask

If there is a no mask no entry policy that is strictly adhered to, then you know that they
have an understanding of how the disease is transmitted. This should give you some comfort that they intend to ensure they stay safe and keep you safe. 


Handwashing Requirement 

A handwashing station or sanitizer station before you enter the
building is important. If your doctor’s office has this in place you can be comfortable that they are taking precautions to keep you safe. 



Administration of a COVID screening questionnaire

Your Doctor’s office should administer a COVID screening questionnaire which should consist of screening questions. These should ask about the possibility of recent cough,
new shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle aches and fever. They should seek to understand if these are attributable to another health condition, or if you were in recent close contact with someone suspected or confirmed COVID.


Waiting Room Layout 

The waiting room should be set up such that the seats are 6 feet apart and not facing one another. At this time, the waiting room should never be congested, to prevent crowding.  An option to sit outside in the open air to ensure ventilation when the clinic has many people waiting is highly recommended. 


Doctor’s Office Consultation 

The Doctor’s office itself should not allow for more than two people in the room apart from the Doctor, chaperone and patient. They should all be fully masked, with frequent use of hand sanitizer. 

Lastly, if you drive there in a car, they should suggest or allow the option to receive your medications, treatment, or children’s immunizations in the car following the consultation. 

These are some of the things you should look out for if you have the need to visit your Doctor’s Office or Hospital at this time. It is also advisable that you consider calling ahead to find out what procedures they have in place. 

Contributed by Dr Orode Doherty, a Paediatrician & Primary Care Doctor at Ingress Health Partners. Ingress Health Partners specializes in providing patient-centred and holistic primary health care services.

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