5 Budget-Friendly Destinations in Africa

Finding budget-friendly destinations in Africa is not as difficult as you might think! With the holidays fast approaching, you can decide to explore destinations in Africa. This can be a very exciting option for your family travel.

The world is full of affordable destinations, and it doesn’t require much effort to find them. No matter what continent, there are always places where your Naira can be stretched a lot further. Even countries we think of as expensive are quite budget-friendly if you know certain tips and tricks.

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Budget-Friendly Destinations in Africa

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There are several options when it comes to exploring Africa for the holiday season. We’ve combed the African continent for more amazing (and amazingly affordable!) bucket list spots than ever before.

All you have to do is pack your bags and start ticking these destinations off your travel bucket list. Read on for budget-friendly destinations in Africa.

1. Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is a staple go-to for a budget-friendly destination. Hop on the red city sightseeing bus and see the city at your own pace for free or swoop up and down on a roller coaster at Gold Reef City — it is all so affordable. Don’t forget to visit the Constitution hills to see Nelson Mandela’s letters and diaries for a relatively cheap price. No matter what you choose to do in Johannesburg, you’re pretty much guaranteed an amazing holiday.

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2. Kigali, Rwanda

Even in a region of budget-friendly destinations, Kigali stands out. It is hard not to be enchanted by the beauty of the city that is famous for the beautiful mountainous landscapes and national parks. There is plenty to do here to occupy your time, from exploring museums and art collections to eating tasty cuisines at the restaurants. For an adrenaline-pumping adventure, go on a Gorilla Safari and have a captivating encounter with wildlife. Whatever you do in Kigali, you’ll find it hard not to leave utterly captivated.

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3. Abuja, Nigeria

If you are dreaming of going on a vacation, while staying in Nigeria; Abuja may be a great option. The Nigerian capital is fast becoming a tourist hotspot featuring affordable hotels, and national parks. Take your taste buds on an adventure with the delicious Suya and Kilishi served hot from the local stores in the streets of Abuja. It is certainly a haven for meat lovers. Top this all off with a trip to the Guara waterfall which is less than one hour drive from Abuja. Book Your Travel to Abuja Here 

4. Nairobi, Kenya

One of the great things about travelling to Kenya is that it is possible to have a unique safari experience here without breaking the bank. Visit the Maasai Mara plains and you won’t be disappointed with the incredible variety of animals you’ll see. For more adventure, take a hot-air balloon safari and enjoy an aerial view of the majestic animal experience. And if it is beaches you are after, walk to one of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastal beaches where you can enjoy white water rafting or scuba diving.

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5. Accra, Ghana

Accra is a top destination for those that are in search of a vacation out of Nigeria at a budget-friendly price. It has so much to offer — beautiful scenery, unique culture and tradition everywhere you look, plus food that will leave you drooling for more. Add to that, the flight price is incredibly cheap. Book here now. Absorb in the rich history of the ancient city of Ghana by exploring the National Museum where you get an opportunity to immerse in the authentic African culture and history. Or you can opt to take a dip in one of its beautiful beaches-particularly Labadie beaches. So what are you waiting for? History, culture, glittery coves, and perfectly white sandy beaches await.

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These are some budget-friendly destinations in Africa you can visit for a nice holiday. Remember that any way you plan to spend your vacation, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and stay safe. Don’t forget your camera because the memories should be captured in pictures.

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