travel for summer from Nigeria

Travel This Summer from Nigeria and Enjoy New Destinations

Summer is in the air! Are you yet to book your travel this summer from Nigeria. Perhaps you are planning to travel as a family and you in the last minute stages. Need some ideas on where to go? then see below some ideas for your summer travel via TravelStart. TravelStart is Africa’s leading online travel agent. They are offering some surprise deals and special fares. Read on for some Summer Destination Locations.

travel for summer from Nigeria

Travel this Summer from Nigeria and Enjoy New Destinations

Explore Beruit as one of your New Destinations 

I personally love Lebanese food! You could consider travelling to Beruit for the summer. Nigeria is one of the Countries that are granted visa upon arrival at Beirut airport. You can decide to fly with Egyptair and stopover in Cairo. Spend a day or more in Cairo and get to explore another African country.

Get your children to research Beruit and learn more about their culture, it is a great way to get some learning in. For example, did you know that before the Lebanese Civil War, Beirut was widely regarded as “The Paris of the Middle East’? or that Lebanon is the only country in the Arab world that offers skiing and related winter sports activities?

Encourage the children to get involved and learn a bit about the Country they are visiting ahead of time. Book your travel to Beruit from Nigeria here on Travelstart

Various African Countries Offer Great Summer Destinations 

There are many lovely travel destinations in Africa to explore. We have so much to boast of on the continent. Booking your travel this summer from Nigeria could include destinations in Africa. Apart from the adventure, the other great thing is that you do not need a Visa to travel to some of these lovely destinations. These include Zanzibar, Mombasa, The Gambia, Seychelles and so many other places. [10 Exotic Vacation Spots Nigerian Visit without a Visa]

Start exploring and book your travel from Nigeria to various African Countries here. 

Travel to Turkey this Summer 

Turkish Airline has some great deals going on right now for travel this summer. You could head to Istanbul or Antalya as your summer destination. Depending on your final destination, you could fly Turkish Airline and top over in Istanbul for a day or more. 

Did you know that Turkey is located on two continents, Asia and Europe? Antalya is a prime summer destination beckoning tourists from all over the world. 

Book your Travel from Nigeria on Turkish Airlines or to Turkey for the Summer here.

Travel this Summer from Nigeria Visit London

Travel to London this summer with some special deals going on right now with Ethiopian Airlines. Ethiopian Airlines is Dubbed ‘the new spirit of Africa’,. Their mission is to connect you to the world while providing unrivalled, warm African hospitality.

Ethiopian Airlines is offering an early access summer flight sale now on at Travelstart. Click here today to get some great fares to London from Lagos, or Abuja.

Where do you dream about visiting? For more ideas here is a list of 13 Budget-Friendly Holiday Destinations for Nigerians. 

If you are travelling with your family and need some ideas on how to make your travel this summer a family affair you can Read Here for some ideas. 

Keeping children busy over the whole Summer might be challenging. We got you! Get a copy of the Summer Camp Guide and help your child explore their various interests.



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