How To Focus On What Really Matters #OptimisticOctober

“You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream”  ~ Anonymous

What really matters to you? We all want to live happy and fulfilling lives and we want the people we love to be happy too. So happiness matters to all of us. #OptimisticOctober

Happiness is about our lives as a whole: it includes the fluctuating feelings we experience everyday but also our overall satisfaction with life. It is influenced by our genes, upbringing and our external circumstances – such as our health, our work and our financial situation. But crucially it is also heavily influenced by our choices – our inner attitudes, how we approach our relationships, our personal values and our sense of purpose.

[How to love and appreciate yourself]

There are many things in life that matter to us – including health, freedom, autonomy and achievement. But if we ask why they matter we can generally give further answers – for example, that they make people feel better or more able to enjoy their lives. But if we ask why it matters if people feel better, we can give no further answer. It is self-evidently desirable. Our overall happiness – how we feel about our lives – is what matters to us most

Let’s stay hopeful and focus on what really matters*

This Optimistic October Calendar has daily suggested actions to do throughout October 2018 to help you be a realistic optimist and have goals to look forward to. It’s all about setting small, simple goals for yourself each day. Be a better you in only 31 days…how exciting!

** Download the actions to your calendar using this Google Calendar or iCalendar.

There is also a special PDF version for those who want to print out in black & white and a text-only version for use with screen readers.

Life is better when we find something to look forward to. Join us for Optimistic October and find ways to stay hopeful & focus on what matters

Pass on to others and help spread the word.

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