How To Celebrate Mothers Day by Buying Naija

Mothers day is fast approaching! This year it falls on Sunday, March 31st 2019. How do you plan to celebrate the mothers, sisters, friends, in-laws, mentors and anyone who has been a mother figure to you? Hope you are not planning to buy her a pot, pan or cleaning material. Even if she says “you don’t have to get me anything“, here are some ideas on how to celebrate mothers day by buying Naija

Here is our list of some of the gift ideas for mothers as we encourage buying #Naija.
Wrap dress

There are so many options for ready to wear these days! The Buy in Naija trend is real and the options are fantastic including outfits for work and play. Encourage her #slay game and buy her outfits from designers like – Jewel By Lisa, Grey Velvet, Asyianfashion, Irolagos, Iconola, Shop Ejire, AdeySoile, therealrhonkefella, bubu.blaq , Aimas, xclamations, 21 Attire, Virtue Clothier, or you can get her a LagosMums Hoodie Dress, or Motherhood Tshirt.


We do not need to say much when it comes to chocolates. Nine out of ten mums love chocolates! (PS- The tenth mum is probably just teasing). We have locally made chocolates and they are equally as amazing as the imported ones. You should definitely get some from Chocolat Royal, Loshes Chocolate or Pod Chocolates for her.

Products to Pamper

Products that can be used for a pamper session at home are a great gift idea for mum. We love the luxurious Nigerian skincare products from R & R luxury and Cookie Skin which will make her skin glow.

You can also buy her yummy looking soaps that happen to smell and look like chocolates from Bath Kandy for a lusciously indulgent bath-time experience. If she is a natural hair mum, she will love haircare products from Olori Cosmetics, a Nigerian haircare brand.


No, it is not cliche, everyone loves flowers. A bouquet of simple gorgeous flowers will make her smile. From romantic red roses to cheerful daisies, fragrant lilies, whichever flowers are her favourites, we bet she will love them. Show her how much you love and appreciate her by getting her fresh cut flowers that have that peculiar mother nature smell from The rose factory, The flower shop or Regal Flowers

A candle with a message

christmas gift for mum

Who does not like a room that smells lovely? Candles are a great way to relax. We love the candles from Tes Amour by Hajara and each one comes with a message. Did we mention they smell really lovely?


We can never have too many accessories and we recommend getting mum some proudly Nigerian made pieces. Get her locally made fashionable leather bags from Joko Edu Bags. You can get her affordable luxury jewellery pieces from Emisara that she can show off at her next Owambe.

Also, our mobile devices have literally become a part of us, get her a LagosMums popsocket that she can use for holding her phone, propping it and taking dope selfies.

Fit Mum

Team #fitfam is a movement and we all need to jump on it. Encouraging her healthy lifestyle would be welcome! You can sign her up for a detox program or healthy lifestyle coaching with AskDamz. Inspire her to live a fresh and healthy by ordering a yummy and nutritious meal from So Fresh Ng or Oh So Nutrition

Greeting cards with love

A unique hand made Mothers Day Card that has her name on it will make her feel mushy inside. Contact local card and gift companies like Nneyah Cards and Gifts, HandFinish or Greetings World. We recommend that you write out heartfelt words and have them written on the cards, this way, it is more personal.

Finally, mother her! Let her just sit back with her legs crossed while every other person does the running around. She deserves it!

Who says buying Naija has to be boring? There are amazing options that you can explore for mothers this mothers day.


To celebrate mother’s day, LagosMums is hosting a ”Myself and I“Mums Day Out on the 30th of March for mums to hang out, network and relax. Book a spot at our upcoming Mums Day Out event for that special woman in your life! Sign up here

What other Mother’s Day Gift ideas do you have? Share with us

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