How To Celebrate Mothers Day by Buying Naija

Mothers day is around the corner, this year it falls on Sunday, March 26th 2017. Every year mothers day is a time to celebrate mothers, sisters, friends, in-laws, mentors and anyone who has been a mother figure to you.

Here is our list of some of the gift ideas for mothers as we encourage buying Naija.

Spa Treat being pampered is a great choice for mothers day. There are several spas that are fantastic for mothers to unwind and be totally pampered. Here are some top picks for spas for you to forget you are in Lagos for a few hours; Wheatbaker spa, biyou spa, and TirtaAyu are some personal recommendations. I recently tried the hot stone massage at TirtaAyu and the stress just melted away. Mobile Spa is a great option if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home – they come to you.

Sunday Brunch – Who does not love a Sunday morning brunch? Many hotels offer great Sunday brunches – forget fitfam for one day. Four Points, Sheraton and my all time favorite is Souther Sun, Ikoyi.

Clothes – There are so many options for ready to wear these days! The Buy in Naija trend is real and the options are fantastic these days, including outfits for work and play. Some great options are Jewel By Lisa, Grey Velvet, Asyianfashion, Iconola, Liberal Designs, Shop Ejire, AdeySoile – the list is endless! Vist Xclamations stores on Saturday and Sunday March 25th and 26th as they host a Yummy Mummy event and launch the LagosMums skirt!

A candle with a message – who does not like a room that smells lovely? Candles are a great way to relax. I love the candles from Tes Amores by Hajara and each one comes with a message and smells so lovely.tes amores

Products to Pamper – Products that can be used at home are a great idea for mum. We love the products from R & R luxury which is great for your skin and if you are a natural hair mum then you would love the Olori brand products. Bath Kandy offers yummy looking soaps that happen to smell and look like chocolates but don’t eat them though 🙂

Accessories – No woman can have too many accessories and we recommend getting mum some proudly Nigerian made accessories. Check out Joko Edu Bags and Emisara for some great options.

Fit Mum – for the fit mom encouraging her healthy lifestyle would be welcome! You can sign her up for a detox program or sign her up for healthy lifestyle coaching with AskDamz.

Chocolates – There is nothing much to say about chocolates, whether dark or milk chocolates; a visit to Shoprite or any of the malls will give you some great options.

Home-made cards with love – there is no gift probably as nice as something that has been hand-made by the kids – give them some cardboard, crayons, glitter and creativity. You get a unique one of a kind Mothers Day Card.

A call or text – Let that special woman know she is special on mothers day – send a text message or social media message. Better yet make a phone call and share some love and celebrate Mothers day!

What other Mother’s Day ideas do you have? Happy Mothers Day everyone!

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