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How To Choose The Right Summer Camp For Your Children

You might wonder how to choose the right summer camp for your child this season as there are so many Summer camp options here in Lagos.

choose summer camp LagosMums

Things to consider while choosing a summer camp for your children



Take into account what your child likes to do, what are their gifts and talents. If you let them choose what they want it will be a better experience. This is the time to let your child explore their interests in a fun and exploratory way. This could be anything from coding, learning a musical instrument like the piano, photography, creative writing and so much more.


Do some research and get recommendations from other parents or get trusted reviews on the camps. Ask around as word of mouth is always great to ensure that the camp you are considering has good feedback.

Visit the Venue

Take the time to visit the venue and be sure that the premises are safe. Meet the administrator of the program and take a tour of the premises. Especially if you are considering a residential camp, make sure the sleeping conditions are ideal.


Make sure that you are getting value for money. There are many camps which range in fees for different budgets. Be sure that you go with what you can afford.


Ensure that the camp you select will keep the children busy and engaged while learning. The summer camp you choose or consider should have a summer curriculum detailing what the children will do. You want to make sure that it will comprehensive and that your child will learn some new skill or develop an interest.


Security should be top of the list. A visit to the venue would be a good time to make sure that the summer camp is secure. Inquire about their internet and social media policies to be sure your child will not be exposed to inappropriate content. Ask them what their pick-up process is, and how do they find their staff. Ensure you have the phone number of more than one contact at the school.

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Enjoy the summer.

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