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How to Really Celebrate International Women’s Day

How can we really celebrate International women’s day and being a woman today? While we all jump on the reigning hashtag and trends such as International Women’s Day; making it a lasting movement is more than one day. [Tweet “With slogans such as the future is female; being a girl or a woman today means much more than just a hashtag.”]

More women and men need to ensure that the changes and equality we need for long term impact are constantly reiterated and implemented.


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1. Network and collaborate

What is your guess when it comes to men versus women loving networking and seeking collaborations? Networking and collaboration make the dream works. To be able to collaborate you need to have a better network. Have you ever heard the term “your network affects your network?”

Make it a point this year to expand your network, build relationships, meet new people and deepen your existing relationships. Remove any limiting belief and stop saying you are not good at networking. In addition, when you go to a seminar or business event do not sit with your clique of friends, rather meet someone new.

Some practical ways to build your network include attending industry-specific gatherings, joining mastermind groups; these could be either online or physical. If there is something you want to learn or an industry you want to grow in, a simple search will bring it up a group, or start one of your own.

Smart goal suggestion: celebrate women’s day by planning to attend one networking event or industry seminar per quarter. Commit to deepening at least three close relationships in your network and collaborate with a business partner this quarter.

2. Push Boundaries

There is nothing new under the sun, but the things you want to do has never been done exactly the way you can do it. So push your boundaries and think of what you can do to your own limits. Sometimes the strength of your network can make all of the difference. The right network, mentors or coaches can lead you in the direction you need.

Smart goal suggestion: Start that new business this quarter or commit to showing up on your social media platform every day to engage with your followers.

3. Think Big then bigger

Wherever you are today you can be bigger; there is really no limit on success. A woman I know who runs an impact fund with a focus on investing in women shared her challenge. She found it difficult to invest in women business owners because they tend to think too small. This is the time for women and women-owned businesses or initiatives to grow and thrive. So think big, then think bigger. When your limiting belief pops up quieten it and push ahead. This is a great time to have your set of affirmations that pushes you to achieve what you want to. If you need support that is okay, get a coach or accountability partner.

Smart goal suggestion: To celebrate women’s day commit to speaking up at work and asking for a pay raise or ask for what you are worth.

4. Learn something new

Equality is in your hands in today’s digital world. There is no barrier to knowledge or learning today. Online courses have no bias as to whether you are male or female. This is the time for self-knowledge and upskilling. Whatever you want to learn; you have access to it online. To stay ahead and succeed in today’s ever-changing digital world, you need to be a life long learner. You could also decide to participate in the knowledge industry by choosing to teach a skill.

Smart goal suggestion: As a gift to yourself, celebrate women’s day; by reading a book on a new subject matter or upskill yourself by taking one online course per quarter.  Perhaps you have struggled to get on the digital media marketing train? Commit to take a course on digital media marketing or sign up with a consultant to grow your business.


LagosMums motherhood unplugged 5. Self-care is a top priority

Self-care is not a luxury it is a priority. You must take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, rest and surround yourself with positive energy through your thoughts and the people in your circle. This will enable you to give your best when and how you want to or need to. Remember that the type of content you consume also plays a part when it comes to self-car. Do not get caught up with the comparing game on social media. Stay in your lane!

Smart goal suggestion: celebrate yourself this month by doing something you feel haven’t done in a while but that makes you feel good. Maybe you want to go watch a movie with girlfriends, take your spouse on a date, go for a massage or travel somewhere by yourself. Just do something nice for yourself.

6. Reduce pressure, embrace no and achieve your version of work-life balance

The reality is that women still struggle with work-life balance more than men. Working mothers tend to have two full-time jobs, one in the home and the other at work. To reduce the pressure women need to stop putting themselves on the superwoman pedestal. Cut yourself some slack and reduce the need to be the perfect pastry maker when it comes to the school bake fair; but also want to work overtime every day to prove you are one of the guys. You need to be okay with saying no and prioritize what matters most in your current season. To manage the work-life balance dance you need to be intentional.

Smart goal suggestion: Commit to slowing down and check your schedule before you commit to any new ask. Promise yourself that you do not want to say yes only to feel guilty or overwhelmed later.

If you take all of this on board, by the end of the quarter or year, when you celebrate the next international women’s day you would have grown much more than you could imagine.

Sometimes the opportunities you seek are right in your mind and not based on someone else giving you permission to do it.

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