How to get in Touch with your Inner Child

TGIF Parents! The weekend is here, and with it, we’ll be looking at how we as parents can get in touch with our inner child. What is the inner child? This is a part of us that shows the child we once were; entailing a part of us that has been left dormant such as memories or activities that we once enjoyed. All of us have an inner child, finding it will unlock a lot about us, like a creative nature; which will keep us fun, energetic and allow us to connect with our family, especially our children better.

inner child

Stepping into the ‘adult world’ has made us lose touch with our childlike selves, repressing emotions we never knew we had; thus, unconsciously affecting our present lives. We will be looking at how we can remedy that together as a family and make out something fun for the weekend.

Rediscover our Childhood games

A big part of us when we were children was around the games we played. Getting in touch with these gaming activities with the family will allow us to see more about our younger selves. This will allow us to connect better with the family as a whole, by getting everyone involved in the gaming activities.

inner childGames such as; Suwe, Boju-boju(hide and seek), Ayo, Tinko-tinko, and many more will bring up repressed memories and emotions we never knew we had. This also gives our children an opportunity to see another side of us they have probably never had the chance to see. These activities will encourage us to be open as individuals and as a family.

Click here to listen to our webinar with Zuriel Olowe stating the importance of play in the family.

Communicate with Childhood Friends

Getting in touch with friends we have lost contact with over the years this weekend is a good way to connect with our inner child. We easily forget best friends and cliques from our adolescent and teenage years; as due to the need to prepare for adulthood and life generally.

Getting out a phone call or going to a former neighborhood where old friends reside; having a chat and reminiscing with them. Things that have been left unsaid have a way of clinging to us in ways we might not understand; saying them out over small talk with old friends will help provide serenity for even both parties.

Look at Old Pictures

Going through our closets or basements to bring out old photo albums of ourselves does a lot of good in keeping in touch with our inner child. Seeing ourselves from decades ago will stir up emotions and dig out memories we forget we had. Sharing these pictures with our partner and children, and; telling the events behind each picture will strengthen our bonds of family.


Listen and Watch Old Songs and Videos

The internet as we know has many documentations of events and activities; such as music, dating longer than we can remember. Going through the internet and revisiting old songs and videos that we related to then will help unlock our inner child. Watching and listening to these old ‘vibes’ with the family; showing old dance steps and letting your children follow suit will connect us both to our inner child and our loved ones.

Pray as a Family

As we know, prayer is a spiritual tool that we can use to make positive declarations in our lives which will be affirmed through belief. Praying for clarity withinin ourselves to allow us unlock our inner child is a thing we should practice always; also, to involve the whole family in this practice will further strengthen our connections.

Embracing your inner child is crucial to how you want your adult life to go about; it affects you and those around you in the form of the emotions you share with people. Bring out the wonderful and painful experiences from the past, listen to them, and embrace them as they come. Have a lovely weekend!


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