is your parenting style old school

Global Day Of Parents : Is Your Parenting Style Old School?

According to The United Nations, today is  Global Day Of Parents and we’re celebrating all the parents in the house. Parents are the primary caregivers and teachers of their children, preparing them for a happy, fulfilling and productive life. Global Day of parents is a day to recognize parents and the importance they play in the society.

is your parenting style old school

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You’re the first and best role model your child has. Parenting involves spending quality time together, sharing your stories, teaching your values and having fun together with your kids. It is however interesting to note that this is not how parenting used to be; it has changed. While some mums now use the modern style of parenting, some other mums are still using the “old school” style.

Here are some signs that your parenting style is actually old school..

1. You still plan large children’s parties with Pin the Tail on the Donkey along with a special “birthday outfit”.

2. Your children do not have TV’s in their room, nor do they own their own ipads. They spend more time running around outside, creating their own games than the time spent in front of a screen – whether television, tablet or laptop.

3. You are not getting parenting advise and support from social media or the internet. Then you are definitely old school!

is your parenting style old school

4. You buy only the basics that your baby needs, babies don’t really need that much in their first year after all. You don’t spend hours researching the newest strollers and then creating an exhaustive baby gift registry.

baby items

5. You dress your children in clothes that are fussy with lace, velvet and corduroy with matching socks, hair ribbons and shoes.

6. You still buy toys for your children, we are talking about physical toys.  Toys for you are not just about downloading the newest App or paying to unlock new levels in the supposedly free App. If you have a pile of toys in your house, you are old school

7. Your discipline method is not limited to “go to your room” or  “no internet privilege”. You actually smack your child and are not scared of long-term damage to your child (or you).

is your parenting style old school

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8. You don’t feel as much pressure by the myth of having it all, of perfectly balanced work-life as a SuperMum and SuperWife all at the same. Trying to put in a full 9 – to- 5 in the office, looking like a celebrity post baby and keeping Facebook posts up to date? Yeup you are old School.

Parenting is hard work but we will not have it any other way. Whether you use the old school parenting style or the modern style, you’re still a parent and we celebrate you.

is your parenting style old school

What other signs can you share that suggest that your parenting style is old school? Post inspired by Onesmileymonkey


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