DALM | Detoxing my Mind and Body Journey

Diary Adventures of LagosMums: DALM | Detoxing my Mind and Body Journey 

apple a dayDay 1

I pick up the juices, I am expected to pick the juices everyday for 7 days, freshly blended everyday. The  juices are to be taken at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm and 9pm. I am also supposed to start the day on an empty stomach with warm water and lemon.

Meanwhile few days before starting the detox i had a dream about various exotic dishes everyday, I mean I was dreaming about catfish peppersoup, Blueberry muffins, cheese cakes, going to restaurants. Ahah the devil is liar tempting me tire just because I want to detox. This made me more determined to stick it through, afterall Daniel (Bible) was on a diet of vegetables and water for ten days and he did look better and was stronger than the other colleagues who were feasting on wine and the palace food.

The juices were actually quite tasty and filling. I struggled to drink as much water as I was meant to because I have not been someone who ordinarily drinks lots of water. By the last juice at night I really was feeling very full, which was funny considering, I didn’t eat anything else. Day 1 went easily enough!

Day 2

Picked my juices again first thing in the morning. Felt somewhat lighter I didn’t know it was possible for urine to be this clear. I was feeling good, one from the fact that I wasn’t even tempted to cheat and that the juices were enough to keep me satisfied. This was my second day without coffee and I wasn’t feeling tired.

Day 3

Noticed that my skin was no longer oily. I had to call Mrs J to ask could this be a possible positive side effect already? She explained that I was resetting my body so anything that was in excess before was being regulated, being oily was excess production of oil therefore I was going back to normal. I still feel great, am not hungry and I have realised that I used to eat way too much before! I am operating fine without the chicken, the rice, bread, coffee and I feel better, healthier, more energetic and feel lighter.

Day 4

Apart from feeling like a submarine with all the water I am drinking I feel great. Few comments now from people saying what am I doing? I look different. I was able to fit into a dress today that before this I would have needed spanx to get into. Most importantly is the joy of being able to stick to this detox and not cheat. Even with the aroma of fried dodo and chicken I didn’t touch it. Just drank my juice. By the evening my insides started to feel like a garden with all the fresh and raw fruits and vegetables I was consuming. After another day of just juices I was starting to feel bored…but just 3 days to go so I can manage. By this evening the bloated tummy was a thing of the past. I need to drink water in controlled environments because there is a lot of peeing involved.

Day 5

More of the same lots of water and continuing to follow the routine, I cannot believe the reduction in the size of my stomach and this is all without exercise. My face is no longer oily, usually a few hours into the day I had to touch up my makeup now my face is staying matte. Being a weekend it is harder because there is more food around and more temptation. I nibbled a bit on grapes today I needed to feel some chewing! I am in awe that I have been able to go this long and I feel awesome!

Day 6

I am a pro now, drove to pick up the juices before coming back home to join the family for church. I am not missing food at all, though really this is also food its just veggies and fruits! I remember my inspiration, Daniel, so I just keep going.

Day 7

Wow I did it. I have gone 7 days of this detox and I didn’t pass out.! I have really gone on a journey and have learnt several things from this process. Oh let me count the ways (Toni Braxton). I have lost weight, I have more energy, my waistline and torso have shrunk! And most importantly I did it, I was able to control my consumption of food.

My personal Mindshift

  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  • No one controls my mind except me, when you set a goal and are determined you can do it!
  • Food has a goal, to nourish my body with nutrients, not to eat just because i am bored or the food looks good. Food is either adding to me or taking away from me. Food is bad for me if my body doesn’t need it and doesn’t use it.
  • A Support system is important – Mrs J (the juice provider) was great in the support and almost daily encouragement. She was also very patient in explaining all the benefits I would enjoy.
  • My body is at my mercy and relies on me to manage and care for it.  My mind has to take over for the sake of my body and well being
  • There is nothing like too much water. I found out that the more I drank the more I wanted to drink. The body is about 80% water so the more water in the body the better it can perform.
  • Have a basis for success. Mine was not so much weight loss just to fit into a dress for an event. I desperately needed to feel better about myself, feel healthier and loose weight.
  • I now control food, food doesn’t control me, I think about what I consume and why.
  • Oh and I love my flatter tummy!!

Two weeks after the detox I have continue to drop the pounds because I have totally changed what and how I eat. I have continued to blend vegetables and fruits myself at home and have these shakes for breakfast and lunch. I am still drinking lots of water. I also intermittently have just fruits and vegetables diet one or two days a week. I feel great and healthier.

Put your mind to something and you can do it!

photo source: huffingtonpost

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