Making It Happen

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I feel like my march has been set on steroids. This year I have been more intentional and more determined to make things happen. It has been helped with church calling for a corporate fast in January, then we stepped into February with praise – praising in advance for the things we are believing God for and thanking him for what he has done. This has given me a different perspective for committing myself to my passions.

Yetty Williams and Oby Ezekwesili

March is International Women’s History month and the message for women is #MakeItHappen. It has really resonated with me. This month has been about marching on and moving forward. Making things happen by putting action behind plans and surrounding myself with positivity. This has included meeting amazing women who feel and think the same way. Women who believe that if you think big, take action and have faith there is really no limit.

I met the amazing Mrs Obiageli Ezekwesili who was such a beautiful combination of tender wife, strong woman and learner all at the same time. She shared with us that a woman who doesn’t live up to all her realities is living a sub optimal life.

This mother of ours is still a learner shown by her embracing the social media tool twitter and using it to champion the cause #bringbackourgirls. Using the tools of the day in a positive way is our goal and call.

She explained what our realities are; first and foremost a human being then a daughter, sibling, wife and mother. These are all parts of who we are and we have to find an equilibrium to make them all work together. If you have swung too far away from being one of the things you need to get back in balance.

I had the privilege of learning from Mrs Udo Okonjo who encourages you to be a person with focus. As women we should stop hobbling along uncertainly but rather we should adopt and imbibe a can do attitude. We should not wait for permission instead of asking “who will let me”, we should think “who will stop me”. Believe that you can make it happen and more importantly better believe that you are already making it happen everyday! Whether in the marketplace, the home or the boardroom.

Udo Okonjo

I refuse to let any ball drop,all my realities deserve my best. It is my job to learn how to keep things in equilibrium. My equilibrium will be different from yours but we can all achieve a healthy balance.

You are not measured by being on Forbes 500 list but rather you are measured by first seeing yourself as someone who has all it takes. So appreciate the people in your life, make a new friend, join a community and reach out to a woman today. We should not only celebrate each other once a year.

To all my sisters, friends and mums we can and we already Make it Happen. So we celebrate all mothers, we celebrate every woman. Being a mother is more than physically giving birth to a child, we are all nurturers and the bedrock of society.

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