Meghan Shows The Importance of Support for New Mums

Everyone loves Meghan Markle! At least I do. The recent interview clip between Meghan and Tom Brady shows the importance of support for new mums.

It was particularly touching for me to see how she was thankful that the interviewer asked her how she was doing. Being asked how she was feeling, was something she was thankful for because as she said not many people ask her how she is feeling! How must that feel? to never be asked how are you doing? are you ok? Many of us can relate to this in some way or the other.

Meghan is having to handle so many new changes and roles within a short space of time. She is having to navigate all these changes under the scrutiny of being in the limelight.  We always talk about whether work-life balance is a myth of if it is achievable.

Support for Meghan

Meghan is a newlywed, new mum, relocated to a new country and has a new demanding job. In addition to all this, she is dealing with the intense scrutiny from the press, royal family duties and lots of criticism. The clip shows someone who is human and who is dealing with all the things on her plate she has to juggle.

Motherhood is something that unites all mothers; it does not matter where you are from, where you live or what your circumstance is. In reality, it can be easy to put a celebrity mum or a royal mum on a pedestal and imagine that they have no struggles. it is easy to imagine that they have everything they need and staff at their beck and call.

However, in reality, all the staff in the world or the position in society; cannot replace the internal work every new mum has to go through and grow through.

It is particularly moving when we hear from Harry as well talk about how this is a stark reminder of what his mum went through in the hands of the press.

Motherhood under scrutiny is not easy; every single move is being recorded, discussed and commented on. The #WeLoveYouMeghan trend is for all women and mothers. We should find solace in knowing that we are all in this together. When we support one another we are better for it. Ask a mum how she is doing, ask someone how they are doing today and really listen.


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