How the New School Year can Positively Challenge Parents

As the children head back to school for a new school year it usually comes with a sense of accomplishment and maturity. There are several ways the new school year can positively challenge parents as well.

The children are excited and busy making new friends and finding out the new rules and expectations that go with their new class or school. There is an air of expectation for the year ahead and happiness at reuniting with friends from the long summer break.

new school yearNew School Year and Parents

As a parent, I find the newness of a new school year almost as critical as a New Year. In fact, I ran into a mum on the first day of school who mentioned she feels she should be saying “Happy New Year”.

On the side of the parents, the start of a new school year after the summer entails adjusting to the children’s needs for school. Such as getting used to waking up early. Additionally, if you are a working mum it is even a little bit more hectic as you also have to get ready for work yourself.

As a parent, there is a lot to oversee. This includes managing showering, dressing up, breakfast, praying, packing school lunches; and making sure homework has been completed and signed. You will be getting used to the new school calendar and noting the new days for physical activities. Children will most likely start their extracurricular lessons and or extra subject lessons. There is a lot to juggle!

I find that this New School year is a good time for parents to challenge themselves. As school commences the children are out of the house on their new journey. It is important to keep in mind that this will happen year in and year out; until one day the children are all grown and leave the house. We should be planning ahead for this time in our lives when children have become adults and are no longer under our direct care. Just as we should be planning for retirement.

Set some New Goals for yourself at the start of a New School Year 

When it comes to setting goals; you want to take into account your particular stage in life. If you are a working or stay-at-home mum it doesn’t matter set a goal, any goal. There are several things to do, it could be learning a new language, picking up a hobby, turning a hobby into a source of income, and growing spiritually. I think the trick to this is to make the goal simple and doable to ensure a sense of achievement.

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Learn something new

There is always something new you can learn. It is important that we continue to challenge ourselves. We get to meet people and expand our views with every new activity that we undertake. Don’t let the last time you learnt something new be when you were in school yourself.

Commit to spending more quality time with the children

Spending time with your children is not only about the quantity of time; but also the quality of the time. And the beginning of a new school year and class is a good time to be more intentional about this.

It is a good idea to plan uninterrupted time with your children. And make it a date that both you and the children look forward to. Pencil it into your diary the way you would an important meeting. It will be a special mum and child bonding time away from devices.

Change things that are not working for you

Is there something you don’t like currently in your life? Guess what you have the power to change and take different steps.

As a parent, don’t have to be left out of the season of newness that comes with a new school year. For example are you in a rut that you know needs to end? Perhaps it is a job you are not particularly happy with; you can set a goal to explore new opportunities. Is it a few pounds that you must get rid of? then make a plan to change the way you eat and or exercise to achieve your desired outcome. You should commit to changing your situation now. Sometimes it is a good idea to get a coach who can help you achieve your goals.

The bottom line is that as mums we must always be reinventing ourselves. While being a parent is the best job in the world, the seasons do change. As our children are growing and changing, their demands on our time also change as they become more independent.

As mums, we should not forget to keep improving ourselves. So we can ensure that we are not left behind with all the changes happening in our homes and families. For example, we would not want to get to the retirement stage and have no improved skills, hobbies or interests we have developed outside of our roles as mums.

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