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Stay Connected to God

The world is a big emergency, in the sense that the world is full of challenges and similar to the hospital emergency room with people trying to survive. Many people stumble through life trying to do ‘X” when they have not spent the time required doing “A”, which is to spend time connected to God through prayer and worship.

depressed mumThe number of people being diagnosed with depression is alarmingly on the increase. Depression is a mix of feeling despair, despondency, discouragement, pessimism and having low spirits. Many people are operating this way on a daily basis, feel life is choking them and feel they have no way out. The true treatment is what God offers, God promises that blessings go ahead of us, that his grace and mercy are behind us. God tells us not to be anxious about anything but to pray about everything.

God has several promises in the bible, these promises are the same whether you are a prayer warrior or a casual believer. God has greatness in mind for all his creation. The question is do you know his promises? do you believe them? do you claim them? God is not man that he will lie, he does not change his mind so what are you waiting for or confused about.

God says that he has “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). The bible which is word and truth has so many passages full of God’s promise but you have to know the word and declare the word.

It is almost like having a free bus pass in your pocket but because you do not know that you have this pass, you do not use it. Rather you stand on the side of the road, do not get on the bus and therefore do not get to your destination. It is the same way with the believer who does not know that everything they need to prosper has been given to them – the word of God.

Believing God’s word means that you do not wait for conditions you see with your eyes to seem perfect before taking a step of faith. In Nigeria today, there are many people who have spent the year waiting for the presidential elections to be over, now they are waiting for inauguration, while some are waiting for the Ministers to be announced. By the time you are done through all this waiting, the year might have come to an end with no “flourish” because no action was taken.

You need the confidence and courage to take a step in faith to truly lay hold of the opportunities available to you. When God opens doors for you, he cannot make you take a step. God can send people your way and give you favour but you must take a step. If you do not spend time with God in his presence, building a relationship and knowing his word, how can you know when God is telling you to step through a door? to take a new job or to try a new opportunity.

Everyone is the sum total of their thoughts! It was not David’s talents, gifting and leadership that made David successful. He saw an opportunity and with courage decided to take a shot at Goliath. He knew that his God would back him up and he stepped forward with faith and courage.

courageSo can you take action and cause situations around you to change? The courage to dream is the first step in making a change – be it in your family, your community, career or business. You need to have a dream, be armed with God’s promise and make a move.

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Staying connected and hearing from God means that you are able to walk in the path that he has set for you. Do not try to run someone else’s race which you cannot run in as well as your own custom designed race.

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