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Recipe Of The Week – Jollof Rice Sushi

Hi Mums! Our recipe of the week is Jollof rice Sushi. It is an interesting switch from the Japanese Sushi – the blend of Nigerian flavors with Japanese cooking techniques is absolutely brilliant. Try this unique, healthy, vegan friendly version by African Chow (@africanchow) [How Zuckerberg’s visit started the jollof wars ] Ingredients 1 cup…

How Zuckerberg’s Visit Started The Jollof Wars

Do you wonder how Mark Zuckerberg’s visit started the jollof wars? He was quoted as saying “I love the jollof rice.. with shrimps, delicious..delicious” he said. And then he added that Nigerian jollof was fantastic and that he enjoyed it! When Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, visited Nigeria, he said he was told not to compare…

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What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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