Teaching Our Children Online Etiquette

The Internet is full of so many teachable moments but teaching our children online etiquette cannot be ignored. It is never too early to start teaching our children online etiquette: how to stay safe, interact and how to behave online.

Your children need to understand that the behaviours you won’t accept in your home shouldn’t be exhibited online as well.

So how can we as parents have or start good conversations with our children about online etiquette?

We need to teach our children what we already know – that the digital world is very much like the real one: it has the good, bad, and down right ugly. Most times, people don’t understand the concept of boundaries.

One of the most important conversations to have with your children about the online space is the art of having healthy digital boundaries; start by encouraging your children to unplug regularly.

Check out a few ideas on how to start an online conversation with your children:

  • Tell them derogatory comments about individuals or groups can be considered as inciting hatred.
  • Let them know never to post comments encouraging violent activity against people or organisations.
  • Abusive comments or unwanted images on someone else’s page – deliberately causing offence with comments or images is not only offensive, it’s a crime – threaten them with jail time.
  • No matter how much they fancy a celebrity, explain to your children that if someone blocks them or rejects their friend request on a social media site, harassing them can be considered stalking.
  • And the most important conversation you can have with your children about social media is privacy – tell them never to share private information without your consent.

Lagos Mums, what do you think? Should conversations with our children about their digital lives should start early?

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