Thanking God for a New Year!

Happy new year LagosMums! I hope we are all happy and ready for the new year. First of all I would like us to take a few minutes and thank our Maker for making it possible for us to see the new year. A lot of people died last year, a lot of people are in the hospital. A lot of people are also hungry, tired, mad and frustrated; but we are not in this category and I am very grateful. Its really good to see this new year.

New year

Now back to Lagos.. hmm when any Nigerian hears about Lagos they think about the traffic and the natural hustle of the state citizens. The New year comes with different opportunities, brighter futures, lots of fantastic ideas and goals, but the hustle still remains. It never goes away. No turning back. It remains there.

As a result, a few questions arise;

How do I get my acts together?

How do I juggle everything and still keep my sanity?

Personal Resolution

I was reading a book which I recommend that everybody read; ( THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES: HOW TO GET FROM WHERE YOU ARE TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE” BY Jack Canfield). In this book he talked about an author Debbie Macomber; (for those of you who read romance novels you would have stumbled across this name), he talked about her success. The story goes this way: “ this lady, Debbie was determined to be an author, everyday after getting the kids kids ready for school she would pick up her old typewriter and start writing. She was a stay at home mother and it was very hard maintaining her family with just her husband’s income. She continued writing her stories in between writing articles for peanuts, when funds were difficult at home and she did this five years until she got her big break and was signed on by Harlequin books. The good thing about her story is that she didn’t stop there. She continued working, diligently.

Today she and her husband and their kids live in a very big mansion. She can have whatever money can buy. Her routine everyday: she wakes up everyday by 4 a.m reads her bible, swims for one hour, goes to her office by 7 a.m reads all her mails. By 10 a.m she starts writing and continues till about 4 p.m when she closes for the day. She has been doing this for years and she has been able to churn out at least 3 novels a year of which numerous of her books are best selling titles. Because she has a good source of income now, she is more able to expand her talents and business. she knits, she loves cooking, so she has good cooking books with her recipes etc.

My Opinion

Now if you ask me I would tell you straight up that this routine is so hard to maintain. How can I do this with all the stress Lagos has to offer. How can I keep a routine with the kids, the husband, the house to maintain, the job, the wicked ungrateful boss? etc. The answer to these question I really don’t know, but all I can say is this: in order to be successful in whatever you are doing, whether good or bad, one has to have the virtue of diligence and diligence comes with hard work.

You are the only one that has the passion. You are the only one that sees the dream. It is your task to show the world what you have envisioned in your mind for years. In my course of writing i would write about the secrets i have discovered in keeping my routine and staying sane in crazy Lagos. [Read: DALM| The Busy Mum Hacks]

I sincerely hope it would be of help to everyone of you and also to myself: because I have found out that for a teacher the hardest person to teach is him/herself. Do have a lovely day and HAPPY NEW YEAR LagosMums.

My name is a mouthful: Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson, but hey we are friends you can call me Phiri. I am a writer, a blogger, a photographer and I create things with my hands. You can also find me on my blog:

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