upgrade your parenting skills

Upgrade Your Parenting Skills in the New Year

The importance of upgrading your parenting skills can not be overemphasized. This new year, we encourage you to educate yourself continuously and evolve.

Parent Education has its benefits and is helpful to parents who go through it. Most people will get swimming lessons and will go to school to get an education. However, with parenting, it just happens to you. You give birth and then you figure out along the way how to raise the child.

upgrading your parenting skills in the new year has numerous benefits and makes you a better and more effective parent. Click To Tweet

upgrade your parenting skills

Upgrading your parenting skills ultimately strengthens families by equipping parents on their parenting journey to handle the challenges that come with different stages. There is no formal training and parents can sometimes feel isolated as they figure it out all by themselves.

Parents who make the effort to increase their knowledge and understanding of child development and good parenting techniques are more likely to have successful parenting outcomes.

Upgrading your parenting skills provides numerous benefits, such as better communication with your children, improved relationships with your children, increased resilience and coping capabilities, and better problem-solving skills.

Overall intentional parenting is a journey to become a better and more effective parent. You will become more equipped to handle challenging situations and difficult conversations. Ultimately, upgrading your parenting skills in the new year can help you foster a healthier, happier home environment.

Benefits of Intentionally Upgrading your Parenting Skills

  • Guidance along the parenting journey.
  • Learning from the experience of other parents who have gone through or are going through similar challenges.
  • The benefit of another perspective. Talking and sharing in a supportive environment will lead to other ideas for dealing with your family and parenting questions.
  • Increased knowledge of child development, and improvement in parent-child communication.
  • You can get the affirmation you need that you’re making appropriate decisions regarding your child
  • The ability to identify certain triggers and areas of concern easily, for example, parent education can make it clear what to look for in youth to identify substance abuse, evidence of abuse, or depression.
  • Clarity on your parenting and family vision and mission.
  • Staying up to date about the digital world in which you are raising your children.

How To Upgrade Your Parenting Skills


1. Read Books

You can find here a recommendation of 10 books for thinking parents. The list contains some classic books that range across various topics. They focus largely on raising children based on updated research into the mind of how children develop. You can also read about raising digital natives in this hyper-connected and fast-changing world.

2. Speak to a Parenting Coach

A Parenting coach will help you identify how to be the most effective parent for your child. They offer tools to create a deeper and more fulfilling connection for their family.

The right parenting coach will help you get clear on your parenting values, experiences, and goals. They will cheer you on when you’re thriving and feeling secure about what’s working well for your family. They’ll support you with empathy when you struggle.

When appropriate, will suggest new tools to help you be the parent you want to be.

Need to speak with a parenting coach? Send us a message at @lagosmums or email [email protected] to speak with Yetty Williams, Parenting Coach and Founder of LagosMums.

3. Register for courses and programs

Sign up for courses and programs that educate and equip parents on the current trends of parenting, especially digital parenting.

You can register to join the Digital Parenting Program. Parenting takes two, we invite you to sign up for the A to Z of Digital Parenting Whatsapp Challenge (Couple’s edition) which holds for 5 days. This WhatsApp Challenge is set to kick off on the 4th of February, 2023. Click here to register

4. Have a community of support

The importance of community and a support system can not be overlooked in parenting. As parents, we can not prosper or succeed in silos. We need the help of other parents, family members, hired caregivers, experienced professionals etc to be effective parents. [Read also: Mums Upgrade Your Skills]

Even if parenting feels like it should be natural and innate, every parent, whether struggling or cruising along nicely; can always benefit from meeting with other like-minded parents or experts to sharpen and strengthen their parenting skills.

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