What Autism Is and What It Is Not

Below is a list of quotes from parents on their views of what Autism is and what it is not. What autism is and what it is not gives an opportunity to bring more awareness. In celebration of World Autism Day below is an excerpt culled from Huffington Post on some real quotes about autism.

Autism is not your fault. — Shanell Mouland

Autism is the greatest lesson in discovering how strong I am as a woman, and a mother.
Autism is not something that makes my child less of a person. — Amanda Nelson-Van Wagenen

Autism is a disorder that affects the ability to participate in social interactions and communicate socially.
Autism is not the same as mental retardation. — Alycia Halladay, Ph.D., 

Autism is not friendless, dull, what you fear it will be. — Denise Henry

Autism is not the parents or child’s fault. It isn’t wrong, it isn’t bad parenting or a spoiled child. What you see is both parent and child doing the very best they can in a world that can be chaotic. — Flo Halter

Autism is seeing things in life differently than most people.
Autism Awareness

Autism is not a social death sentence. — De Reichle [Tweet “Autism is not a social death sentence”]

Autism is not easy, it’s not patient and it’s not always kind. Autism is not poor parenting. — Allie Smith

Autism is not what defines my son. It is not something to be whispered about behind our backs at the supermarket when he is having a meltdown. — Elizabeth Ann Garrison

Autism is bittersweet. You worry what your child’s life will be like and are overjoyed when they overcome obstacles.

Autism is a whole different way of living in the world. Nothing is “normal.”

Child with Autism LagosMums

Autism is not contagious, not the only characteristic of a person, not anything to be ashamed about. — Beth Durbin Gotwalt

Autism is not anything to be dismissed, ignored, generalized. — Fayemarie Anderson Carter

Autism is not an end. — Barbara Bickel Hafer

Source: Huffington Post

Photo source: psypost, huffington, tcri-ng


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