7 Books By Nigerian Authors Kids Can Read This Summer

It is time for parents to revive reading culture among younger children. Summer is always a time both children and parents look forward to since they can take a break from the rigorous activities school brings.

However, parents are faced with choosing worthwhile engagements for kids during this period. Encourage them to read more about Nigeria and learn from various  We have a list of engaging books that will not only keep them busy this summer but also excite your kids.


1. Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi

sweet sixteen by bolaji abdullai books lagosmums

This is a fictional story that centers on Aliya. Full of curiosity about who she is and why she is so, Aliya never wants to be addressed as a child but as a “young adult.”  Interestingly her sixteenth birthday present from her dad answers most of her lingering questions.

She receives the chronicle of lessons her father has tried to teach her each year as she grows. This story is a must read for kids.  A rare fiction, well balanced in its presentation of core values and engaging entertainment for kids. It presents answers to many questions bothering the minds of typical kids about growth into adulthood.


2. Anike Eleko by Sandra Joubeaud

anike eleko by sandra joubeaud books lagosmums

This is one of the most colourful books you you would love to lay your hands on this summer. This story narrates the life journey of Anike. Anike is passionate about education. Sadly, she was born without a silver spoon. She has to hawk daily in order to stay admitted in school. Luck however smiled on Anike as she gained admission on scholarship. The colourful picture book narrates how Anike moved from grass to grace. Full of suspense, the book is a source of motivation for your wards to pursue their dreams.

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3. Our Son the Minister by Paul Ugbede

our son the minister by paul ugbede books lagosmums

This is another enriching book for Nigerians especially. This short story presents a relatable story of the Nigerian political system in an entertaining way.  Presented in a satirical manner, the story presents Makoji’s nomination as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Away from the expected, he suddenly develops a change of mind concerning accepting the nomination. Curiosity is heightened. Do you want to find out why he wouldn’t accept the nomination? Wondering how his family members and associate handled this? This hilarious political satire presents a thought provoking lessons on the political system of Nigeria.


4. Not Too Young to run by Ogbu Eme

not too young to run by ogbu eme books lagosmums

Here is another precious gift your kids will relish for a long time. As parents You often wonder what actually satisfies the needs of kids. Books, toys or adventures? Not Too Young to Run presents the reality of what it entails for kids to have a government of their own. The story engages kids on the daring journey of being at the helms of affairs of their lives.

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5. Fragrance of Roses by Kike Ojo

the fragrance of roses by kike ojo books lagosmums

A captivating story of Temi as she navigates  her way through the thorns of life to success. Fragrance of Roses presents an inspiring story about young bright Temi who is determined to diligently pursue success. Temi’s story will spur kids especially females on what it entails to achieve success in a patriarchal society like Nigeria. Can Young ambitious ladies fall in love and still pursue their careers at the same time? Can a balance be achieved?  This story presents a mind blowing revelation about these questions.


6. The Chronic School Hater by Ngozi Ilondu

the chronic school hater by ngozi ilondu books lagosmums

This story presents a solution to the nightmares of mothers. Due to different factors, not all kids are excited about school. From a not so lovely tutor, to bully, to an overwhelming learning system, kids wants an escape to the daily routine. Here is an hilarious but practical story about how kids can fall in love with school and learning. Practical solutions useful to parents and wards are presented in the book concerning the deplorable state of Nigerian educational system.

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7. Monday’s Ball by Segun O Mosoro

monday's ball by segun mosuro books lagosmums

Kids love adventures. Here is definitely one book to keep the kids engaged this summer. Monday the main protagonist loves football. But,he gets sidelined by his friends because he has no ball to practice with. Monday goes on an adventure to get a ball of his own. He hopes to practice and get better.  Will Monday find a ball of his own and fulfill his dreams? Let your kids get engaged as they learn from this thrilling adventurous story of Monday.

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